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  • Member: Ashyukun
  • Title: (Hale Hates) Everything About Guu
  • Premiered: 2005-08-19
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    • Ugly Kid Joe (I Hate) Everything About You
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  • Comments: First off, for those who have not seen Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu- the blue-haired kid (Hale) is a boy. Second- watch it. It's a complete riot.

    Everything About Guu is yet another somewhat anomolous video for me. Individuality was a video that was a friend's concept initially- EAG was out of the ordinary for me because it was actually planned well ahead of time. I almost always have somewhere over half a dozen video ideas kicking around, and when it comes time to get started on a video for a convention I simply pick one of those and make it. This year however, I couldn't really do that as easily. In late February I packed up my car and drove from my former home in CT to my new one here in Kentucky- leaving all but that car-load of stuff behind in storage. Including probably 90% or so of of my anime DVD collection. So I had to know what I was going to be doing video-wise until about when I figured I would be getting the remainder of my household goods shipped out to me here (probably within a month of my typing this up). This meant I actually picked a video idea from what I had then and brought along the sources necessary to make it.

    Honestly, I don't remember exactly when I came up with the idea for EAG. I'm actually even fuzzy on whether or not my buying the CD (I Hate) Everything About You is on was because of this idea or not. It's one I had been kicking around for quite a while, though. I had wanted to make a Guu video for some time though, and this seemed like the perfect one to make. Initially I was hoping for it to end up as a comedy video- and I did for a short time toy with the idea of trying to enter it into the Comedy category at Otakon- but before long it became pretty obvious that while it would have its share of humorous moments (pretty much guaranteed given the source- I think making a truly serious Guu video would be a truly interesting challenge) it was going to be far more at home in Upbeat than Comedy.

    EAG marks the second video this year with instrument-sync in it. The opening was actually one of the trickier parts of the video to edit, because the Guu Final OAV ending animation that I used for it (the song and the animation for it are just perfect BTW- but then I highly recommend all 3 Guu series as a whole) is a continuous pull-back, so it was hard to vary the speeds and have it look good- hence the necessity of the B&W freeze-frame effect (stolen from the D.W. Chang School of Dramatic Video Cliches), since Hale doesn't really pause in his strumming, he's just strumming away the entire time. He's also singing, which I tried to ignore until the last minute- but still ended up having to rotoscope his mouth closed because it was too distracting. I was really glad for being able to get Guu's playing the tamborine timed in sync with the cymbal intro- unfortunately there was no halfway easy way to get her playing overall synced up and have Hale's guitar strumming work. Granted, it wasn't impossible- but it would have required a level of rotoscoping that falls into what I call 'stupidly complex', or alternatively, 'You must be Vlad Pohnert to do this.' Yes, shame on me- I used the Shatter Effect in After Effects. :P It seemed to be the best way to handle that particular hit, and I'm happy with how it turned out.

    The first verse was far harder than the second- coming up with scenes for the 'mountains' and the 'countryside' were harder than I expected, given the series splits its time between the Jungle and the City. I had far less trouble with the mother/father/sister thing, since I had the scenes for that laid out in my head long before ever starting to edit. I was also surprised at how hard it was near the end of the guitar solo to find good fast-action scenes to put in- with as chaotic as the series is, I thought it would be easier than it was.

    The ending didn't quite work the way I'd initially wanted. At this point I have forgotten what I initially wanted to do, but it wasn't quite what I ended up with, I remember that much. The idea always involved using the Deluxe ending animation with Hale crooning away (like I said- the OP/EDs for this show are great). Hopefully my slight laziness in one of the scenes isn't too obvious.

    In case anyone is wondering, the video source for this was the Region 3 (licensed Korean release) DVDs for the Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu TV series and Deluxe OAV series, and the last Region 2 DVD of the Final OAV series (as it had the creditless OP & ED on it, and Final wasn't out in Korea when I made this video). I would happily have used the domestic discs- but they haven't started releasing the show yet here even though it has been licensed.

    Otakon 2005 AMV Contest- Runner Up, Upbeat Category
    Anime Evolution 2005 AMV Contest- Runner Up, Fun Category

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