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  • Member: Vega Sailor
  • Title: Kenshin's Prayer
  • Premiered: 2005-08-22
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    • Disturbed Prayer
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  • Comments: I wanted to make a vid showing the points of view of both Kenshin and Tomoe in the same vid. Now there are lots of images flying by so I wrote a description of the video storyline, a libretto of sorts, so you can read along with the video if you want.

    Kenshin’s POV

    [i]Another dream that will never come true
    Just to compliment your sorrow......."[/i]

    A little glimpse into Kenshin’s past, any dreams of a happy peaceful life for him are dashed in this moment. A person who was a sister to him and tried to protect him, is murdered right before his eyes for no other reason then being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    [i]"Another life that I've taken from you
    A gift to add on to your pain and suffering......"[/i]

    Kenshin assassinates Tomoe’s fiancée, unknowingly taking away her dreams of happieness. Ironically committing the same crime that was done to him, as seen in the first verse.

    [i]"Another truth you can never believe
    Has crippled you completely....."[/i]

    Scenes of Tomoe finding out her fiancée was murdered in the streets and just how deeply wounded she is.

    [i]"All the cries you're beginning to hear"[/i]
    Tomoe’s brother comes to comfort her, but she is deaf to him....

    Trapped in your mind, and the sound is deafening
    Kenshin and Tomoe are suffering the same. Two minds with, but a single thought.

    [i]"Let me enlighten you
    This is the way I pray...."[/i]

    Kenshin “enlightens” Tomoe on who he is and what he does.

    [i]"Living just isn't hard enough...."[/i]

    Kenshin’s already had hard life losing his parents, and being sold into slavery, just trying to live, and now this poor child has to pick up a sword and kill to protect himself and those he cares about. And even still they are ripped away from him.

    [i]"Burn me alive, inside
    Living my life's not hard enough..."[/i]

    Little Kenshin winces as his future path in blood is overlayed before him.

    [i]"Take everything away...."[/i]

    The graveyard which he dug with his own hands to bury the dead, symbolizes the loss of Kenshin’s loved ones and his innocence.

    Tomoe’s POV

    [i]"Another nightmare about to come true
    Will manifest tomorrow"[/i]

    A vision of Tomoe’s future death at Kenshin’s hands, and kenshin again losing someone he cares about.

    [i]"Another love and I’m thinking of you...."[/i]

    Tomoe loves her fiancee and Kenshin.

    [i]"Lost in time, on the edge of suffering
    Another taste of the evil I breed....."[/i]

    Tomoe starts to truly care for Kenshin and he for her, but she is caught up in a plot to destroy him. And it's killing her inside.

    [i]"Will level you completely....."[/i]

    Kenshin is going insane with his love for Tomoe but his feelings of betrayal and guilt at finding out that Tomoe is part of the plot to kill him and that he murdered her fiancée.

    [i]"Bring to life everything that you fear...."[/i]

    Kenshin fears for the lives of those he cares about and there is Tomoe covered in blood.

    [i]"Live in the dark, and the world is threatening...."[/i]

    Kenshin is bloody and broken and slipping further away.

    [i]"Let me enlighten you
    This is the way I pray...."[/i]

    Tomoe enlightens Kenshin on who she is and what she does.


    [i]Return to me
    Leave me no one
    Turn to me
    Return to me
    Cast aside

    You've made me turn away[/i]

    And the inevitable happens……Their lives are never hard enough.

    Please leave an opinion. I’m thinking of submitting this to Sakura Con so I need to know if there is anything I could improve.

    Enjoy! ^_^

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    Adobe Premiere 6.0
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    Windows Movie Maker

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