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  • Member: Ayushima
  • Studio: FireFreak Productions
  • Title: Lord of the Sennen Ringu - Return of the Pharaoh
  • Premiered: 2005-07-21
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    • Lord of the Rings Trailers Return of the King Theatrical Trailer
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  • Comments: Like I said for my other trailer, For those who aren't fans of Yugioh, you'll still like this vid.

    This took me so much longer than it should have, but I was so picky on the file type that I made this vid into something like twenty different file types and adjustments. But it's FINALLY done! Thank god. I wanted this to be better than 2 towers, because I have a better program now. But I doubt that I pulled it off. I just hope it's about the same. I defintely have a cooler title.

    Okay, first before you all write it in your opinions...

    I KNOW that by general population statement that a lot of you will say LOTR trailers aren't original anymore, at least according to the people who have told me.


    1) I promised certain people that I would do each movie,

    2) I believe YGO music vids are underrepresented,

    3) Hello? Long lost pharaoh? Long lost king? THERE ARE FREAKIN RINGRAITHS IN THE EGYPT ARC!!! Armored horses with armored black robed non human things, and they served NO PURPOSE in the show! Oh yeah, someone wanted me to make this vid.

    I know some people are confused because some yugioh characters don't seem to be completely consistent with LOTR characters, but they actually are most of the time. Almost all of the Yugioh characters in these trailers have definite Lotr counterpart characters, however there are some, simply because if the way the yugioh plot goes, that don't have consistent character matches. These are the solid matches:

    Ryou = Frodo
    Atem = Aragorn
    Shadi = Gandalf
    Bakura = Gollem/Smeagol
    Ishizu = Galadriel
    Dartz = Saruman
    Kaiba = Theoden
    Malik = Sam

    The fact I pulled Ryou off as Frodo is a freakin miracle considering he's barely in the series at all compared to the others. Malik was even harder for Sam because those who know Yugioh know that Malik has very few scenes with either Bakura or Ryou and there's almost even less scenes of him not looking evil. Making him Sam was interesting to pull off but I feel it worked well. Even if they're consistent characters, if it makes more sense for a different character to say the line compared to the series rather than LOTR, I'll do that.


    I know a lot of people are wondering what they are saying, so I'll just put the translation here:

    Jou: Yuugi, what's with that card? Why do you have it?

    Atem: Huh? Uh...that is...(to Yuugi) I'll leave this to you.

    (Switches with Yuugi)

    Yuugi: That's not fair Other me!

    Jou: Yuugi! You don't really think I'm like that card do you? (Card: Heart of the Underdog, or in Japanese, translated as "Ordinary")

    Yuugi:...N-No...I just had that card because it had a useful effect, but it does remind me a little of you Jonouchi-kun...

    Jou: Eh?

    Hee hee, poor jou, everyone picks on him...

    Fellowship's coming soon!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: About the preview thing at the beginning, what I put as the rating has nothing to do with what it says in the lower box. I'm not attacking anyone, I'm just getting my own anger out.

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