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  • Member: Mag Launcher
  • Studio: No Idea
  • Title: Melee Kombat
  • Premiered: 2001-05-31
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    • Unknown Mortal Kombat Theme: Annihilation Remix
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  • Comments: Creation of Melee Kombat
    My friends and I like to play around and make jokes. One day we were playing Super Smash Brother Melee and I put on a Mortal Kombat theme while we were playing. While I was listening to the song and playing I just thought "Hey, this could be a cool music video". To be more specific, I think the intensity of the fighting in ssbm and the song match pretty well. After I came up with the idea I never really thought about it again. I just started working on it.

    I was trying to get this ready in time for A-Kon 13 and about a week before the video was half way done but then I accidently deleted the partition it was on so I lost the whole video. I decided that if I worked all day and night I could still make it in time. The only problem was I needed footage and my friends hadn't been coming over lately. One day I woke up to 3 friends banging on my window. I had hit the jackpot. I turned on the gamecube and played ssbm with them for an hour or two while I recorded all the fighting and stuff. After I filled my 30 gig hard drive with footage I decided to go with them and mess around the rest of the day.

    The next day I got to editing and re-created the whole half of the video that I had done. By then, two days had passed and I was on my last day. I worked on it all day but I still had a lot to be done. The only good thing was I still had all night to work on it. Tired? Of course. But I had to finish it and get it mailed off by 12. I worked on it all night and finished it at about 10 in the morning.

    My mom was going somewhere so I asked her to come back before 12 and mail the tape off. While she was gone I tried to put it on tape but for some reason it would lag whenever I tried to. I ended up having to use a smaller version of the video to export to tape. My mom came back after 12 and I threw a fit even though the tape wasn't done. I like to get angry :P

    I had missed the deadline. In the next couple of days my friend Castor Troy ( informed me that the A-Kon deadline had been moved to May 5th rather than April 31st. I didn't know if it was true but I decided to try anyway. Being the dumbass I am I missed that date and mailed it the day after. It still got shown somehow and I hear got a good reaction. I didn't win anything but it got shown and that's all I wanted.

    Video Notes
    The image quality on this video isn't very good. Because the special movie on the ssbm disc is such a small resolution I had to stretch that. Then the gameplay scenes had black bars on the sides so I had to stretch that too. Basically, the whole video is stretched. Then I also had problems with interlacing because of the stretching. So after all that I ended up with a pretty whack image quality video. The video itself is good. I have yet to recieve a bad review (or even a mediocre one). Download it and see what you think.

    If you are wondering why I marked this video as having spoilers it's because there are some secret characters shown fighting in this game and I didn't want to spoil it for anyone who is just starting to play this great game.

    Wrong Date Premiered o_O
    This video isn't THAT old. I accidently entered this video as coming out "2001-05-31" when it actually came out "2002-05-31" at A-Kon 13. I can't change it any longer since it's been like that for over two weeks.

    *If you download this video and enjoy it please leave an opinion. Thanks. :P

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