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  • Member: Shadowfox85
  • Studio: Shadowfox Studios
  • Title: Shinn Takes a Look Around
  • Premiered: 2005-08-19
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    • Limp Bizkit Take a Look Around
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  • Comments: I did this a while back, so this was my first amv on the GSD series. Hence you'll see early episodes of GSD here, so no real spoilers. Anyway I found a liking of this song with Shinn's past, especially with his family and how his attitude is like. If you ask my opinion, one of my favorite parts, during the first time the refrain goes through "i know why you want to hate me," with the tension going on, i believed it pieced together good on that. But thats just me :-P Anyway if you've noticed, alot of the GSD amvs i've done somewhat involve Shinn in one way of another. Please, lol no spamming or flamming if you think I'm a Shinn fan. I'm not really a shinn fan, but im definately not one of those SHINN MUST DIE members. I feel Shinn is a very interesting and tragic character of the GS universe and with all the deep songs out there, theres alot of potential to use Shinn's angst as a good center for amvs. Anyway Enjoy the Show!!

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