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  • Member: rogueintellectproductions
  • Title: Kill Excel
  • Premiered: 2005-08-19
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  • Songs:
    • Eric Cartman Come Sail Away
    • Faith No More Surprise! You're Dead!
    • Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World
    • Nancy Sinatra Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
    • Nintendo Tetris - MFer Remix
    • POD BOOM
    • Prodigy Smack My Bitch Up
    • The Beatles Here Comes the Sun
    • Tomoyasu Hotei Battle Without Honor or Humanity
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  • Comments: Only Excel would bring a knife to a gun fight.

    That having been said - Kill Excel happens when you look at the calendar and realize you only have three weeks to go before a major con deadline, the video you've been working on since LAST YEAR is about 10% done, and your job has just taken a huge chunk of your life energy and refuses to return it. So I did what I always do: I went for a walk. Suddenly it struck me - I'd never seen anybody do a multi-music, single-series AMV (and then I dl'ed Azumanga DIE-OH, so that blew that idea out of the water ::oops::). Also, I've long held on to the belief that one could take any song, EVER, and make a good AMV using Excel Saga footage. (I might smell a challenge!)

    OK, Bang Bang popped into my head - a natural for the relationship between Ilpalazzo and Excel, the end segment was next, and so I just decided to "Kill Excel" for a while. It was easier than "Killing Il'"...

    The interludes come from the bowling episode, and yes, they do run back and forth several times (although Nabeshin-sensei is alot better at continuity than I am ::wink:: - my favorite joke in the whole thing is "Shouldn't we have come from the other direction?").

    This version is slightly different than the Otakon version. I changed the first title card to say "In the next 3:00" instead of "In 2005", just to stay timely. I had the outro ready, but submitted a version without it to the contest because it seemed too much like a bumper, which is against the contest rules (although one video made it in with a trailing bumper).

    I'd like to thank my sister for helping me track down the music. She even got some songs that I didn't wind up using ("Oren Ishii" and the Three's Company theme song, for example). Thanks, Kate!

    Finalist, Comedy, Otakon 2005
    Semifinalist, Best Parody, VCA 2006
    Winner, Comedy, Kumoricon 2006

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