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  • Member: FraChan
  • Title: Homunculus Tribute: Get Ready to Die!
  • Premiered: 2005-08-19
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    • Andrew W.K. Ready to Die
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  • Comments: WARNING! Major Spoilers are contained this video. If you have not watched all the episodes of the series , it's better for you do not watch this video.

    VCA 2006 Semi-finalist "Best Horror/Terror" category.
    (Thanks for the votes!)

    edit 20/10/05 : If you liked this video, you might like my "Homunculus Tribute PT2"as well

    Here's my 7th video =) (seven like the Homunculus, woah)
    I've always wished to make a Full Metal Alchemist video, because I really love this anime and it's currently first on my top list.
    The song that I used is Ready to Die? - by Andrew W.K. the first time that I heard it was in a a nice Naruto AMV , that also made me found this site :)
    So, I decided to use this song with Full Metal Alchemist for two reasons- it's a pretty fast and funny song that's good for all the fights in FMA and more importantly, the lyrics fits perfectly the seven Homunculus of this anime.
    In short words the AMV is like that the Homunculus are warning their enemies, telling them to be ready to die for when they come.

    For this AMV I used again Sony Vegas 5.0, but I have to say that this project wasn't my hardest one.
    I usually get nervous when I make a video, but this time I can say that I really enjoyed making it :D
    My biggest problem was to remove all the big pixels on the video, here's a screenshot to explain better what I had to do.
    So I hope you don't mind if you find some little pixel that I forgot to remove :P
    It wasn't a very hard project because this time I spent less time on long lip synch sequences (there are only two in this video) and digital effects, and more on the scene selection.
    For the resolution, you can see that it changes constantly from 4:3 to 16:9 (when there are subs) , that's because the video looked bad in my eyes with only a 16:9 resolution.
    Anyway it's just an experiment, tell me if the continuos change is a little annoying or not ;)

    I think to have put all the Homunculus fights in this AMV (there were more fights than I expected) I just wished that the song was a little longer to use more clips of Mustang vs Pride fight.
    I suggest to don't watch the video in full-screen (I don't know why, but in full screen it seems more un-synched) anyway do as you wish ;)

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    The lyrics ( )

    This is your time to pay,
    This is your judgement day,
    We made a sacrifice,
    And now we get to take your life.

    We shoot without a gun,
    We'll take on anyone,
    It's really nothing new,
    It's just a thing we like to do.

    You better get ready to die,
    You better get ready to kill,
    You better get ready to run,
    Cause here we come,
    You better get ready to die!

    Your life is over now,
    Your life is running out,
    When your time is at an end,
    Then it's time to kill again,
    We cut without a knife,
    We live in black and white,
    Your just a parasite,
    Now close your eyes and say good-night.

    You better get ready to die,
    You better get ready to kill,
    You better get ready to run,
    Cause here we come,
    You better get ready to die!
    Get ready to die!
    Get ready to die!

    Thanks to Roughy for the direct link!

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