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  • Member: melezov
  • Studio: Anime 42
  • Title: Pater Noster
  • Premiered: 2002-04-06
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  • Song:
    • E Nomine Vater Unser (Radio Edit)
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  • Comments: When I first heard this song, I knew i HAD to make a Hellsing AMV
    with it.. That was about three months ago..

    Those of you who visit forums could probabbly remember my
    "HELP! EEEEEEK!!!" post about Hellsing RAW episodes.

    I was totally desperate becouse all the eps I had were
    subbed (of course) and there weren't any RAWs circulating the net.
    I literally asked HUNDREDS of people..

    Since I really loved the series, I seriously considered buying the
    DVDs but the thing has only been licenced recently and there's no
    way I could possibly obtain them..

    After some time, visiting fansubs, forums, Hotline, WinMX, KaZaA,
    IRC and stuff I finally found a provider for the RAWs..
    It was Anime Junkies :), and I must give them another "THANK YOU" shout!

    *** THANX go out to ***

    A HUGE @thank you@ also goes to Fire Dragon Sama ^_^ for giving me the
    Vater Unser song in the first place. Without his participation, this AMV would
    have never been initialised in the first place!

    Ok, now, off to the AMV itself...

    It took me around 10 days to compile this production..

    When I started putting the thing together I realised the song was way
    to short for most of my ideas.. Too bad.. So I mostly used clips from
    episodes 3 and 1.. Now the whole AMV has a WTF timeline, or in other
    words there's no plan... Some people will comment that I used way too
    much crossfades, but I couldn't help it.. I had so many fluffy ideas
    in my head that I needed at least a 20 minute song...

    Since this is my first serious piece of work I practiclly learned all
    whilst making the AMV.. My first AMV "Masoner's Love" didn't use any
    effects and the lip syncing attempts were.. quite horrible :)

    Also, there are some manga scans included with the timeline, I think
    I did a good job with those!

    I can firmly state that this is my best production up to date
    (oOOohh.. there are only two of em :).. and I hope you like it!

    That about wraps it up!

    Oh, one more thing. The video quallity isn't that good becouse the
    RAWs had round 80-100 Mb each but I did all I could with blur and
    bicubic resizes...

    If I have the time and willpower I will eventually create a remastered
    version with DVD rips, but for now, this will suffice.

    Have fun watching and PLEASE review it! Especially if you don't like
    something about it please let me now so that I can improve and stuff..

    [(HQ) DivX ;-) MPEG-4 Fast-Motion, 640x480, 705 kbps (CBR), 29.970 fps ][ MP3 44.1kHz 192 kbps CBR]

    ------- UPDATE - 01 Nov. 2002 --------------------------------------
    Pater Noster won the Artistic Endeavor Award at AWA Expo 2002 (AWA 8)

    This was such a shock. I almost choked when I saw the results.
    Thank you AWA, God (Pater Noster :), or whoever made this possible..

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