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  • Members (5): godix, Decoy, Osakaness, Sammy, inthesto
  • Title: Dedicated to Sammy
  • Premiered: 2005-08-16
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  • Songs:
    • Billie Piper Because We Want To
    • Cake Shut the fuck up
    • Capitol Steps Someone Dumber Might
    • Denis Leary I'm An Asshole
    • Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl
    • Linkin Park Crawling
    • Moby Porcelain
    • Mousse T Horny
    • Puffy Amiyumi Teen Titans Theme Mix
    • Rip Slyme Galaxy
    • Simple Plan Untitled
    • strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra
    • The Movement Jump
    • Ween Baby Bitch
    • Wheatus Teenage Dirtbag
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  • Comments: This video is dedicated to Sammy, the second biggest asshole on the org (godix likes to think of himself as first). Just keep one thing in mind while watching this, if parts of it suck it's probably because we were intentionally emulating Sammy's style. That's our story at least and we're sticking to it.

    Just for clarification, anything involving Azumanga Daioh was done by Mr.Panda. .:Decoy:. did the Evangelion segment. Inthesto did the fighting game segment and the journal ending. Godix did whatever hasn't already been listed. Since parts of Sammy's videos appear in the project so he was offered collab credit and surpisingly he accepted it. Ok, I'll admit it, Sammy was offered collab just because it amuses me to have him listed as a collab on a video insulting him. I am actually suprised he accepted though.

    Farlo was hosting this for quite awhile on his globocide website but the site seems dead. MrPanda has a low quality version of it on youtube. If anyone wants a better quality copy of this email me or PM me and I'll toss up a link for you.

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