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  • Member: keeso
  • Studio: FoxWorm Studios
  • Title: We're not friends, We are Family
  • Premiered: 2005-08-15
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    • The Straw Hat Pirates Family
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  • Comments: Yes.. I've Always wanted to make Amv with One piece and now I've finally done one. Those who dont know what kind of One Piece is, please find out. :P

    I really love One Piece:
    1. Endless count of Episodes
    2. Inside jokes.
    3. Pirates!

    There is no reason why wouldn't have used One Piece as a footage in my amv. And the greatest thing is that I was able to find an song, where the real voice actors of One Piece are singing. It is just so goddamn hilarious to hear Zoro's (mugen) singing. And there are a lot of characters in One Piece that are really loveable.

    The main idea came from my sis, cause she translated the japanese lyrics for me and the main themes of the song are family and friends. So most of the clips are funny and really enjoyable. And there are effects in this amv as well, for example that Wanted poster thing. I don't think that there is storyline in this amv.
    And I wanted to introduce the characters, so everyone of them will be introduced greatly (childhood times etc..). Cause there isn't storyline and the main story of One Piece is too long to explain, that's why I wont write anything else.


    I tried to encode this one correctly but I didnt manage well. xd


    My sis (translation + hiragami in my amv) Yasmin-chan
    Daurai (he just pissed me off, when I wanted to think something new.)
    Juzu (

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