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  • Member: Maiko Herajin
  • Studio: Studio Bakabakashii
  • Title: Onaba-Okama
  • Premiered: 2001-08-11
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    • Rocky Horror Picture Show Sweet Transvestite
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  • Comments: Shown at Katsucon 2002... Won second place overall!

    Some updates on the updated version of the video. I redid it about 6 months after it was first shown. Nothing new really, technically, but I did get some better footage in certain places, so it looks a bit better. In any case, I'm done mucking about with it now. I think 2 years worth of dust is enough to justify this video being dead and done with. (:

    That being said, I feel the need to respond to one of my rather vehement critics (whose review you can find for the time being in the review of the ratings). I hadn't really logged onto animemusicvideos but more than once every few months after I finished the video. I intended to do more, but lost my capture card when I upgraded to Windows XP. Thus, I don't know what forum argments she was refering to, but let me quickly (let's face it, noone's really reading this anyway) address the points she brought up.

    1. I never seen any videos from her, either online or at a con, and although I'm sure it's very nice, if I have seen it, I certainly don't remember this Sailor Moon Horror video.

    2. I made up my name Bakabakashii for my first video, Three Rambo Kengeki, from a book entitled Learning Japanese through Comics. It was in one of the comics in there, and it was my favorite word. (:

    3. I've seen the senshi on springer video (brilliant, by the way) but I didn't see it until after I'd finished my own video. Besides, the endings of ours are totally different. After all, he used Jerry Springer, and I used... uh... me. (:

    4. The rest of the comments are all technicall, and while I feel they're a little harsh, everybody's entitled to their own opinion. The point is, I made the idea for this video up while working at a file shipping job, not while watching other peoples' videos. It's my own little video, and I'm quite proud of it, thank ya. (: Anyway, on to the old comments...

    Unfortunatly, due to last minute editing and technical problems, I wasn't able to get my video into Otakon soon enough, so I wasn't able to show it there as I had planned originally.
    Fortunatly, (update update!) I did manage to get a (slightly improved) version in to Katsucon, where the audience reaction was simply overwhelming, both times it was shown! I loves you piggy! I loves you! The judges liked it as well apparently, cause they gave it second place in show! (How it beat out that fucking hilarious Totoro video set to Snot by Aluminum studios I'll never know, but I'm not complaining...)
    Unfortunatly, the folk over at Erols apparently have NO sence of artistic integrity, and more importantly actually noticed that I was using up 160 megs of my 10 meg web space. Picky picky picky... So for about 2 years I didn't have anyway to host this video. Finally managing to move out of my parent's place and get DSL, I can now host it without having to worry at all about space restrictions. (at least, up until I fill up my hard drive). Now the only thing to worry about is a 12KB upload... (:
    Thanks a lot to everyone who made this Katsucon awesome (even if once again the video schedulars are morons, where's the fansubs?), everyone that hung with me, everyone that cheered me on for making it to the second tier DDR contest (and my subsiquent strip tease), and of course everyone that cheered for my video. (: I loves you all tooooo. (:

    I hadn't really

    Fun Facts About This Video!

    My second video ever created. (unless you count the promo for my anime club)
    Contains approximately 1359 different cuts! (assuming that's what the [CLIP] section in the project file means, tell me if it doesn't.)
    According to at least, was the first video to contain clips from Cream Lemon, Gestalt, Project A-ko 2 and 3, and Samurai Spirits, as well as the first video to incorporate cosplayers. (:
    Took approximately 3 months start to finsh to complete.
    Cost approximately $100 to complete. (mostly from overdue rentals, still working on that, don't kill me, Wonder Book and Video (: )

    Enjoy, and don't forget the BJ principle, leave feedback! (:

    Maiko Herajin,
    Studio Bakabakashii

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