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  • Member: anneke
  • Studio: Baka Deshi Productions!
  • Title: Willy Wonka's Petshop
  • Premiered: 2005-08-06
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    • Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: Sometimes I shouldn't be allowed to have AMV ideas...this is one of them. I was originally trying to make the video follow the whole trailer, with matching scenes, and different 'monsters' being the different children, but that idea got tossed out after my computer crashed. I restarted and just made a fun silly video, using the music/trailer. I've never made a trailer before, this was just alot of fun. I keep wanting to go back and do other trailers or the full song, etc...(in the same combination) because they just seem to fit together so well.

    I'm also waiting impatiently for this video to be released on the massive public as they are just going to giggle and enjoy it alot. Or so I believe.

    It was entered in the AWA Masters contest as a last minute replacement. I had worked hours on a masters video, and sooo disappointed with how it came out, but wanted to still enter the master's contest after all the work, so I entered this, as it's a video that just made me feel good. (I would have felt like I failed some how if I didn't submit something to the master's contest, if I gave up).

    This video will be released to the public after Yaoi-con 2005, when I originally planned to premiere this video.

    Oh and for the connections between monsters and children...

    Augustus Gloop - The Mermaid due to the water.
    Mike TV - The Kyrin, because it's just evil despite it's cute looks.
    Veruca Salt - The Rabbit girl, because they both were spoiled brats
    Violet Borgard - The Medusa, Violet was about success and beauty and greed damages her, while the medusa's greed to see her love kills her.

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