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  • Member: SulliMike23
  • Title: What Makes Naru Different
  • Premiered: 2005-09-05
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    • Backstreet Boys What Makes You Different
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  • Comments: Ever since I became a fan of Love Hina, I noticed that many people would prefer to pair Keitaro up with either Motoko, Kitsune, Shinobu, Su, Mutsumi, or even Kanako. But like many others, and Ken Akamatsu, I prefer him to be with Naru. Why? Because she's different than any girl Keitaro's met. True she and Motoko are always bashing him around and Su too, but Naru's also very kind towards him. I know some of you might think Naru's a b****, but that's only because she's so quick to judge. If you ask me, had she and Keitaro met under better circumstances, I think she wouldn't call him a pervert so much and let him have a chance to explain himself. But still, Keitaro perservered and his persistance pays off in the end of the Manga.

    So basically, not only is Naru beautiful on the outside, but in Keitaro's POV she's also beautiful with her personality. That's the main reason why I wanted to make this video. In all honesty, I've always wanted a girlfriend much like Naru except the part where she calls him a pervert and sends him soaring. I mean, with a girl like her she'll keep Keitaro on his toes. Then again, the other girls also keep him on his toes. But Naru is the girl for Keitaro.

    Ok, it's finally up, although I do have bad editing skills and there is a TINY bit of lip sync. But I hope you guys like and please send in your opinions on this.

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