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  • Title: My Battle Trailer
  • Premiered: 2005-08-04
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    • Papa Roach Not Listening
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  • Comments: This is a trailer for my AMV "My Battle", it comes from the POV of Hiwatari Kai from Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G-Revolution (or the original Japanese beyblade episodes to those who haven't seen it). Anyway, it is about how his determination to win a battle agianst Takao (tyson) made him do all the things he done in G-Rev, such as join BEGA or Neo-Borg. The song "not listenning" by Papa Roach just seemed to be perfect for this so there you go.

    This AMV was made using a old and to be honest, rubbish version of Windows Movie maker so please excuse the amature effects, the actual AMv will be avialable soon (depending on how much spare time I have), all that's left to say is enjoy and I hope you will download the full AMV when I upload it ^_^

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