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  • Member: lordspork
  • Studio: A Monkeys Uncle
  • Title: Frontier Psychatrist
  • Premiered: 2002-05-24
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    • Avalanches, The Frontier Psychiatry
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  • Comments: Frontier Psychatrist is one of those songs that just kinda hits you and you are like, what the hell was that?. So after listing to the song and finally seeing the video for it, it was almost a shoe in for a video to be made (kinda supprised that there wasn't any out there) So with that, I started looking around for an anime or collection of scenes to use with the song. After asking several friends about diffrent anime that had selections that I wanted to use, it was good ol Black Heaven that came to the rescue.

    Black Heaven had it all, everything from aliens, to a rock and roll band. So off to work I went on creating a video that I'm sure hadn't been done before. While knee deep in the video, I was checking the site and noticed that someone had in fact used "Frontier Psychiatrist" as a song to an anime. So off I went to download it and see what anime was used. Much to my surprise Big Big Truck was the creator, so off to the good ol e-mail I went, asking if there was a way of getting a copy of the video that she had done and checking it out. After getting a copy of it (thanks for letting me download it) I really enjoyed it, and it made me want to finish mine and let it see the light of day.

    So after many months of work (started in late Feb) to burning lots of cd's with various completed versions of the video to my co-workers and friends, and up in-till just 3 weeks before the deadline for the con, it's done. So here it is, enjoy the video that won first prize at Animazment 2002

    *NOTE* there are some on screen errors during playback. If i could fix them I would, this video is now 3 years old surprised i still have it :). enjoy.

    1. MPEG2 version, 105M

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