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  • Member: Zero System Quatre
  • Studio: Zodi-ACK!
  • Title: Sanzo's Photo Album
  • Premiered: 2005-07-12
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    • Kelly Clarkson Breakaway
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  • Comments: Yay, I have another video for everyone to enjoy. Yeah, it's another Saiyuki vid made with Windows Movie Maker (I apologize only slightly) but that's really the only series I have enough footage to make stuff with for now. Um, yeah, anyway...

    The video is supposed to simulate a mid-series (aka Reload, I guess) Sanzo looking back on his life by way of an aged photo album and old videos. Heavy use of sepia tones and film age were used in the special effects area to stress that. I chose which effect to use depending on how much motion was going on in the scene - as in, if it was mostly still I used sepia to simulate a photo, and if it had a lot of motion I used film age to simulate an old video. I chose how heavy I piled the film age on depending on how far back in Sanzo's history the scene went.

    As the video progresses, Sanzo's present becomes his past as his journey to the west continues. So more current footage which started out as clear, un-effected images become subject to film age and sepia tones as well. The point is that Sanzo is working to "Breakaway" from his painful past.

    I hope you all enjoy walking with Sanzo through his memories!

    Oh, and the opening/ending music is (respectively): Sandstorm (Gregoyle Mix) by Darude and Mercury & Solace (Mark Shimmon Remix) by BT. ^_^

    From here down, I'll explain a bit about Sanzo's background for people who don't know it. I've been asked to do this by A CRAPLOAD of video watchers who claim that Saiyuki is an overly obscure anime and they have no idea what's going on. Saiyuki fans and people who don't like SPOILERS can skip over this:

    Genjo Sanzo, formerly called Kouryuu, was an orphan who was taken in by another Sanzo (it's a title) called Koumyou. (Lots of K-names, alright?) He was raised in a temple where all the monks hated him for being an orphan in the favor of Koumyou Sanzo. His only friend was an instructor/clerk (some older dude, basically) called Shuei. Koumyou Sanzo rocked as a caretaked and Kouryuu loved him to bits. They made orange origami airplanes together (that's super important to Genjo Sanzo later) and Koumyou promised that when Kouryuu was older they'd be good friends and have a drink together. Unfortunately, on the night that Koumyou Sanzo bestowed the title of Genjo Sanzo on Kouryuu, he (Koumyou) was murdered right in front of Kouryuu's eyes. The incident happened on a rainy night... so rain bothers the living crap out of Genjo Sanzo (another important point, I guess.) Genjo Sanzo's totally haunted by his past, but tries very hard to overcome it all, hence "Breakaway" and this video. Hope this has made even some of this video more comprehensive for the non-Saiyuki fans. @_@

    Opinions appreciated! A great-big thanks to people like TheCreedBeast and Sundersylph for reviewing ALL OF MY VIDEOS TO DATE! OMG! *hugs*

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