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  • Member: ChaosProjects
  • Studio: Chaosprojects Studios
  • Title: I Blame this on Wuwu
  • Premiered: 2005-08-03
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    • Ozone Dragostea Din Tei
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    Why might i call it this you ask?

    Well for everyone that knows Wuwu..he has the knack for some really strange ideas in chatting with him one day he told me i should make a azumanga daioh video..and my response to that was "ok sure" and he said he had a sound he wanted me to make it too..and as soon as he sent me the song and it started playing..i was like...NOT THIS SONG AGAIN!!! Yes...the Numba Numba song...which seems to have made it's round this year..pretty much everyone has seen or heard the song with the guy singing on instantly i put my rejective thought to the idea and said NO..i wasn't going to do a video to this song...and then i started thinking (which is a bad habit of mine) I have never done a video that is lipsynced..and i would like to give a try to in the making of this video i have learned two very important thinks...ONE! Never listen to idea that just sound bad in the start and TWO! Never..ever.ever..ever try to lip sync to a song that you have no idea what they are talking i guess it wasn't really all that first i wanted to make it a complete Chiyo-chan video..but then it got really hard cause i ran out of i naturally had to bring in all the girls to make the video that is why for like the first min of the video it is all Chiyo-chan...but here is the bastard child of my attempt to lipsync a whole song.

    Yes Pilk you can kill me for this one later....


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