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  • Member: chambeyc
  • Studio: X Productions
  • Title: Ghosts
  • Premiered: 2005-08-02
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  • Song:
    • Goldfrapp Tiptoe
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  • Comments: Hi folks,

    Here is another of my videos using goldfrapp music. It was made for the 2005 French Contest and finished 22th out of 58 participants, so i would say it's a pretty decent video.
    Frankly speaking, this video was made in a rush for the contest, as i made it in only 3 days. Perhaps that's why there is not much improvement since my previous vid ^^".

    As i had no particular idea for the music, i chose randomly one from my fav artist. The facts that it's a very "electronic" music, and that the word "Stand Alone" are in the lyrics, made me chose GITS for the anime.

    The AMV is based on the "electro" side of the anime, and ends with a blink to the relation between Motoko and Batou. I try to made it energic and enjoyable to watch.

    Well, tell me what you think, and enjoy the show ;)

    ********Software used:**********
    -Premiere & a bit of AfterFX
    -3D Flash Animator
    ********Technical infos**********
    640*352 - Xvid, 2 pass
    Mp3 48000Hz 192 kb

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