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  • Member: FungieŻ
  • Studio: Baka Deshi Productions!
  • Title: Utena In A Cocoon Of Love
  • Premiered: 2002-05-26
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    • Bjork Cocoon
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  • Comments: And to think, this video started off as a drama.

    I don't know entirely what provoked me to make this video. I'd made some videos in the past, all with horrible equipment and horrible software. So when I finally downloaded a copy of Premiere's trial, I went bananas. I sat and played with transitions for hours. It was awesome.

    Then I heard this friggin song on MTV2 and downloaded it and thought "Whoa, wouldn't this creepy ass song make a good AMV? Hey, I've got Premiere! Let's do it!" Sadly, at the time I had no idea how to rip DVDs, at all (I thought you had to plug the DVD-ROM into the capture card). But I did know how to rip games! I'd practiced, I was a pro at making horrible quality, 3MB AVI files with an unknown but ghastly codec. Woohoo! But what game to use?

    I had bought the Utena game on eBay a while back (was totally worth it if you're a hardcore Utena fan like me), and all the cut scenes were actual 2D cel animation. Awesome. Let's rip that and throw that into Premiere. Literally. All I did was drap and drop scenes. The clip where everyone starts lip-synching and shit is all one friggin minute-long clip. Somehow, parts of this worked nicely, like the "from the mouth, huh, from, huh, the..." I like. And the ending! I thought I was so cool with the doors and then going to black. So tight. What can I say, I was a weird kid.

    This was the first video I ever sent into a contest, Shoujocon 2002. I was so nervous that I was clutching to my mom's arm. But then it went over, and the crowd cheered, and I was such a happy 13-year-old. I also got to meet one of the biggest inspirations of my AMV career that night, Meri Cantoni, who's video kicked mine to the curb. A worthy defeat. Another milestone on a path that would soon drive me to insanity.

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