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  • Member: Kurai Seraphim
  • Studio: Kurai Seraphim Productions
  • Title: Space Madness
  • Premiered: 2002-05-24
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    • Ren and Stimpy Space Madness
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  • Comments: The idea of using this song came to me when watching Gundam Wing on cartoon network long ago at the scene where Quatre went crazy. I was obviously new to the anime world and the idea of actually doing anything was well beyond my mental capacity at the time. Yet the idea stayed dorment deep within my subconscious for many years. It finally popped back in my head a few months ago when I began looking into what I could do with Animazement. The idea was flawed, however, as there is really nothing more I could do than show Quatre going crazy, and thats not much of a video. My friend Sara was designing a Woolong for our computer graphics class while I was deliberating what to do. She put Ed on it. CLICK! I then go about the process of storyboarding (for the first time ever, mind you, as I've never taken this hobby seriously until then), borrowing dvds from another friend Angela, and looking through numerous online guides to dvd ripping to make sure I got the best quality I could out of this video (also much more than I'd ever bothered to do). That done, I made the video on the weekend before the original Animazement Deadline (the 3rd). I paired this deadline with AP Literature 12 testing, SAT II Math (for entrance placement at North Carolina State University), and the deadline for my Physics Science Fair project (which I did on the Physics of Webslinging as the contest deadline was the same day as the Spiderman movie and I felt the need to exploit the onset of what was sure to be a craze). The deadline was then pushed back until the Wednesday before the convention itself, giving me an extra 3 weeks to go over it and make it much better. I went back and fine-tuned the lip synching to the best of my current ability (this being the first time I've ever attempted lip synching, mind you) and cleaned up a few of the fuzzy spots created by Jebus only knows what (Divx3). So after cleaning it up and sending it to a few close friends in the Noble Vitae group ( and getting their input, I mailed it away to the con.

    At the con itself, they invented the Straightjacket award for it and I got called to the front, where I was awarded a firm handshake, a crowd of people cheering for me (although these same people DID want the Cosplay Host to strip and dance, so I'm not sure if I should be complimented by this or not...), and what has to be the most unexpected glomping of my life. An Ed cosplayer apparently jumped out of her seat as soon as I was called up and charged after me, which completely caught me off guard and nearly knocked me over. All in all a good experience.

    The video shown at Animazement had audio-video complications along the lines of having slighty-off synch (for reasons unknown to me) and the showing during the cosplay when the award was presented stuck on a scene and they lost about 5 seconds (and a rather funny joke in my opinion) of it. This version is full of digitally goodness and has no analogy problems.

    Update: 5/31/02
    After reading Qu's journal, I've found out the answers to many things I have sat upon mountain peaks pondering. The slightly-off synch problem was suffered by everyone due to the sound system (by about 5 frames) and I only noticed on mine because I had worked with it frame by frame at many points. Also, the 5 seconds sticking thing was my fault because I used the crappy blockbuster tapes he was refering to. When the deadline is not far off and you're desperate enough, you'll take whatever blank VHS tapes you can find around the house. In the future, I'll use high definition (or SVCDs, which would be even better).

    VIDEOS ARE DOWN UNTIL JANUARY 7th, as I'm on Christmas break and lack my university connection!

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