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  • Member: Chibi_Masaki
  • Title: SoulQuaker
  • Premiered: 2005-07-28
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    • Rob Zombie Quake 2 Theme
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  • Comments: This is my latest AMV to date. It took just around 4-5 hours to complete, over 2 nights, and I used VirtualDub and Adobe Premiere to make it. I experimented with some transititions/effects and have used effects that I haven't done before. Saying that, the effects are pretty scarce compared to the rest of the AMV. I used footage from season two of the anime, and a couple of bits from the season three opening. There's not really a story to it, I just went with the flow, as I normally do. I haven't any episodes after episode 28, and I don't have season one in possession as a friend as my data DVD, so sorry if there's a lack of action. Considering that the majority of my first FMA AMV has footage from season one, and that the majority of my 2nd FMA AMV has footage from season two, I might create an AMV relating to season three once I've collected all season three episodes (which will be a long time, as I'm collecting the dubbed episodes, off BitTorrent). Enjoy and have fun :)

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