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  • Member: AuraSilversky
  • Title: Necrophila Inu Yasha
  • Premiered: 2005-07-29
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    • Rob Zombie Living Dead Girl
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  • Comments: I thought of doing a Kikiyo/Inuyasha AMV for a while but I didn't want to do something really romantic so for some reason I thought of this song while rewatching one of the first season's episodes. I heard Kagome say the line: 'Oh yeah! I forgot! You like Dead girls!' and all of a sudden this was inspired. It's not everything I'd hoped for sense I couldn't get the clip of her saying that in english. Which would have been the beginning :)

    The subtitles still suck to have but I can't help it.

    Please keep in mind that Kikiyo is never suppose to be lip syncing anything. Only Miroku at the beginning, and then Inuyasha and Kagome within. I think I did an alright job for my second try at lip sync in a video. It's not a big part but I had enough I though I should mention it.

    Well, hope you like it.

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