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  • Member: Wensday
  • Studio: Wensday Production
  • Title: A Song of Storm and Fire
  • Premiered: 2005-07-26
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  • Song:
    • Tsubasa Chronicle A Song of Storm and Fire
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  • Comments: Well, it's done, the program didn't lock up as often, so that was a good thing. Anyway, as I wrote in my journal I've done this clips to "A Song of Storm and Fire" from "Tsubasa Chronicle" and the anime I chose is Earthian, so there is Shounen Ai/Yaoi context in this AMV.

    I'm actually impressed with how this turned out, I mainly speed things up again, like I did my Descendants of Darkness, but I've also started to play with some of the other Video Transitions, they're fun. ^^ I've fallen in love with the "Fade" one, but it's all good, I haven't gone as crazy with it like I did the Hue changing one in my first three videos. Apart from speeding things up, and or double speeding stuff up I just used the "Sepia Tone" and "Film Age, Oldest."

    I hope you enjoy this AMV, and once again please be aware of the Shounen Ai/Yaoi context. Please tell me what you think in oppions.

    Now onto the AMV.

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