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  • Member: Kristyrat
  • Studio: ScoobsNet Studios
  • Title: Angels and Demons - Massacre
  • Premiered: 2005-07-25
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    • Papa Roach Harder Than A Coffin Nail
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  • Comments: Well, I won't sugarcoat it, this project was a bitch to finish. It had me fighting the whole way. But it's done, finally.
    This was a great amv for me to make because not only was I able to play on a really different story to both anime I used, but also it's very much based how the viewer interprets the story.
    It's also my first video (I believe) that is entirely effect-less. I focus on things that I much rather see in AMVs, mainly internal sync and a story.

    Anyway, now on to my totally random divides:

    The story:
    Well, this was originally to be two AMVs, the first to be named "Massacre" the second was to be "Rebirth". But due to a tremendous lack of footage (mainly because WHR and Hellsing are such short series)
    I decided to merge it into one. Perhaps in the future I'll make "Rebirth", especially with the new Hellsing series that is soon to arrive. Anyway, the basic outline of the story is that you can only go so far as an Angel.
    Sometimes, we are forced into becoming Demons in order to fulfill our goals. This can result in many untold horrors, the final result being death. After that, this entire AMV is for the viewer to interpret. I portrayed
    certain different versions of heaven and hell in this video, some are blatantly obvious, while others are a little harder to see. Anyway, that's basically it, as I said, this is pretty much a matter of interpretation. ;)

    The thanks:
    I gotta thank Rina (jade_eyed_angel), Scoob (ScoobINSMDBZ), Katie (Presea) mainly for being there while I complained about this video. It was they who said it looked good, so if you die from tearing your eyes out, blame them! :o
    All the others (namely Moonlight_Soldier and IcyCloud ;p) who beta tested my video, thanks a lot for the feedback guys, and Rut, if you ever download this and hate it, you shoulda gotten back to me! >:|
    Massive, MASSIVE thanks to Kalium, godix and AtomX for putting their effort into helping me get an .avi version of this. Sorry to let you guys down after that work, but damn, I really appreciate it anyway. I figure it's something with the pre-processing, and you guys know how screwed up that was :/


    The random quote(aka, shameless name-dropping :o):
    "Gritty" - OtakuForLife
    "Spiffy :O" - Pwolf

    Right! ;p

    Anyway, that's about it for me this time. I'm happy as hell to get this thing finally off my back, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

    Be sure to watch this video on fullscreen so that you can get the full effect of it

    Oh, and leave an opinion ;p


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