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  • Member: RamonesFan2020204
  • Title: Untitled LeBled and Lang Lang AMV.
  • Premiered: 2005-07-25
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    • Prince & Sheena Easton The Arms Of Orion
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  • Comments: This is a video I made about LeBled and Lang Lang. The song is yet another song from the soundtrack album to the first Batman movie. Now, the songs on Prince's Batman soundtrack are supposed to be told from the POVs of the characters in the film. "The Arms Of Orion" is supposed to be a duet between Bruce Wayne & Vicki Vale, but Narutaki and Ling Ling can't be lovers, because Narutaki's WAAAAAAAAY too young to be her lover. However LeBled and Lang Lang appear to be lovers for a fact, and so this song suits them. I also did one for "Partyman", which is supposed to be sung by The Joker, but when I made the SD video for it, I made the video mostly about Narutaki. The song in my other Steam Detectives/Prince video, "The Future" is supposed to be told from the POV of Batman, and I didn't change it to be sung from the POV of a villian, because it's supposed to be about how life in Gotham City, and how it's not safe. I think that suits Narutaki very well. And my first SD/Batman connected AMV used the last song on the album, Batdance, which is supposed to feature all the characters (Batman, Bruce, Vicki, The Joker, and a character Prince created specifically for the song called "Gemini". Okay, you know what, here's a list of the songs on the album, and the POV Prince is singing from:

    1.The Future-Batman
    2.Electric Chair-The Joker
    3.The Arms Of Orion-Bruce Wayne & Vicki Vale
    4.Partyman-The Joker
    5.Vicki Waiting-Bruce Wayne
    6.Trust-The Joker
    7.Lemon Crush-Vicki Vale
    9.Batdance-Batman, Bruce, Vicki, The Joker, and Gemini

    Now if the songs were told from the POVs of the characters in Steam Detectives, it would probably have to be changed, so it was something like this:

    1.The Future-Narutaki
    2.Electric Chair-Dr. Guilty
    3.The Arms Of Orion-LeBled & Lang Lang
    5.Vicki Waiting-I don't know, I guess Detective Onigawara
    6.Trust-Dr. Guilty
    7.Lemon Crush-Ling Ling
    9.Batdance-ALL the characters from the previous tracks, plus Inspector Yagami, Kawakubo, Knight Phantom, Crimson Scorpion, The Machine Baron, Pastoria & Doria

    Anyway, enough of my bragging already, just enjoy the video, folks.
    One last thing:LeBled and Lang Lang are the only ones that appear in this video. There's just one VERY BRIEF shot of Narutaki in the scene where LeBled jumps out the window. You only see Narutaki for like a half a second, so he's VERY easy to miss.

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