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  • Member: Yorae
  • Title: This Sun Hasn't Set
  • Premiered: 2005-07-22
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    • Frou Frou Hear me out
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  • Comments: ******* AMV CONTAINS SHOUNEN AI !!!!! : If you are not comfortable with two boys kissing and stuff then this AMV is NOT for you*******

    Theme: I love Loveless~! It's a very cute and touching anime, not to mentioned the catboy shounen ai goin' on ;P So, since I love the anime so very much, I made an AMV dedicated to Ritsuka and Soubi ^.^ Yup, this vid is a fangirly one ;P

    Time: Two weeks.

    Song: Ever since I watched Euphoria, I was captivated by Frou Frou's voice and found it very soothing. When I first wanted to make this AMV, I had no clue as to what song I should use and spent about two days searching for a perfect song. My first choice was Nightwish's "Higher than Hope", but I felt it was a bit too dramatic for the feel of Loveless. So, I downloaded more songs and came across Frou Frou's "Hear Me Out" and immediately decided to use it ^^

    Software: Ulead Video Studio 9 - Microsoft Photo Draw - Virtual Dub

    Putting AMV together: My style has completely changed when putting this AMV together. Instead of working with each clip seperately and placing the effects individually like I did in my "And He Flew" AMV, this time I lined up the clips of the AMV and formed the AMV "prototype" with no effect and THEN began the actual editting.

    Effects: Also, the effects I used are slightly different from the ones I used in my previous AMVs. This one concentrated on overlays and some cropping and masking which, mind you, I had to resort to pretty ugly methods to get done considering the software I use is not very advanced.

    Yup... That's about it. Enjoy ^_^

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