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  • Member: Mr Pilkington
  • Studio: Mr. Pilkington Studios
  • Title: Nagi's Vette
  • Premiered: 2002-05-17
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  • Song:
    • M.C. Chris Fett's Vette
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  • Comments: Finally done!! This video is pretty swobu. Not as good as I would have preferred, I might redo it soon with DVD ripped footage. As for now the quality is real low, but the sound Q is awesome. Great file size, 66.2 Meg. Beats the living hell out of my previous works. Still requires Divx 5, but no AMV is perfect.


    Ah yes Remastery is going wonderfully. I began last night (October 2. 2003) by ripping a few scenes off the LDs. Yes LDs, why not DVDs? Sure i would like the quality a DVD can provide, (my LD player is not professional so it's kind of sketchy, but S-video and optical out put so it's been and will continue to do for me) but LDs are just so much cheaper despite how hard they are to come by. That and unlike DVDs, anime LDs tend to come with cells and/or various other artwork. Since all the files are huffyuv and 24 fps I might just windup using this as my first AfterEffects related AMV. We'll see how the rest of the trial period plays out. Thus far I must say... WTF?! This is by far the biggest pain in the ass. But it is extraordinarily powerful. This will take a while since I have to physically rip the footage AND learn a whole new piece of software, but trust me when I say the results will be well worthwhile.

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