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  • Member: RamonesFan2020204
  • Title: All Eyes On Relena
  • Premiered: 2005-07-20
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    • Peter Frampton All Eyes On You
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  • Comments: I planned this video for a few days, and then I assembled it last night. The video is very romantic, and it will make almost anyone go "AWWW!!!!!". In the clip I used from episode 48, the word "ProwL" appears in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, and I don't know what it means, because I downloaded episode 48 from somewhere, because I didn't have the time to look for a place that had the 10th DVD in stock. I got 9 of the 10 DVDs made for the GW TV series, and I really needed that episode. Other than the clip from Ep 48, all the footage was ripped directly from DVDs, just like my other AMVs. I kept a bit of dialogue in one scene, but I didn't plan on doing that originally. It was while I was assembling, that I had thought about it. I wondered if I should keep the dialogue, or ditch it. In the end, I just decided "Screw it, I'll keep the dialogue", and I really like how this one came out! It's so romantic!

    I am SOOOO proud of this video's success! Plus alot of girls like it, and that's definately a thumbs-up for me. B)

    "Its great! The all famous 1xr scene at the hangar was a fantastic touch."
    -perfectpeach, forum member of "Blissful Ignorance"

    "I have to say this is a great Heero XRelena AMV the song is perefect and its matches each clip you have put together , plus i like the hanger sence too it was my few faorivtie part of the series"
    -RelenaDorlinYuy1, forum member of "Blissful Ignorance"

    "I love it ! It's an excellent music video. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us."
    -star fighter, forum member of "Blissful Ignorance"

    ".......hey cool AMV or whatever dude........i think it made me tear up a little too......"
    -no_name, forum member of

    "Wow, really sweet. I really liked it!" and "You are sooo talented!!!! Ahhhh its sooo good!"
    -Hirde, forum member of

    "Just finished downloading and listening/watching it.

    And the whole video was amazing!!! It's been 3 years since i saw GundamWing. Those clips brought back some memories, little details I had forgotten.

    I'm a nostalgic person, so it made me very happy. 1xR rules.


    That was some excellent work!!!

    Have you got any more coming? Hope you do!

    -GundamWingNutcase, member

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