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  • Member: Mad_Cyric
  • Studio: Suiboshi Studios
  • Title: Soul Searching
  • Premiered: 2005-06-21
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  • Song:
    • Radiohead bullet proof.. i wish i was
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  • Comments: The time has come at last for my first video to see the light of day!

    I noticed while watching videos for awhile that there wasn't really a single top 10% exlusively Ghost in the Shell AMV (okay Net Troop's "Another Half" is good but it's not particularly related to the movie, show, or manga, except in using its technology), and I figured I could do something to fix that since Ghost in the Shell is one of my favorite anime universes.

    This video actually started out as a test of how to work all the software involved, but after editing about 17 seconds of it out in the middle of the song, I decided to just run with it. over 6 months later, here it is. This is the culmination of a lot of work; this was my first experience with editing video at all, so with the help of this site I taught myself by making this video. I don't think that its quality is that which you are probably associating with at "test," however, and I know it is of a very decent quality (or else I would not want to show it to you!).

    This video is meant wholly as a character profile of the Major in Ghost in the Shell (I chose not to go with Stand Alone Complex this time), however since the movie is basically a character profile of her anyway, it kind of looks like just a summary of the movie. In any case that is not my intent. I tried to express a lot of the complex ideas of the movie (mainly that of technology degrading the value and clarity of humanity, as it relates to Motoko's questions about her own existence), but you know... that's not easy to do with just a song and some video. If you saw Ghost in the Shell, this video will likely make a lot more sense to you than if you haven't, but I tried to make it the least esoterric I could so that anyone could see what I and the movie are getting at; I think anyone will more or less get the picture.

    It's a fairly short, slow song, and this video is all about the feeling of it. Like I said though, it's a complicated message so I had to make this video as concise and clutter-free as possible; in fact the only big complaint I've heard about the video is that it's so short it leaves people wishing there was more.

    In any case, I know that not all of us (in fact not most of us) can understand what the hell Thom Yorke is saying a lot of the time, so I thought I'd give you the lyrics:

    Limb by limb and tooth by tooth,
    Tearing up inside of me,
    Every day, every hour, just wish that I...
    Was bulletproof

    Wax me, mould me,
    Heat the pins and stab them in,
    You have turned me into this, just wish that it...
    Was bulletproof

    So pay me money and take a shot,
    Lead fill the hole in me,
    I could burst a million bubbles, all surrogate...
    And bulletproof

    I thought that matched GitS quite well. Anyway I played on what it sounds like in some cases as well as what he actually says, for instance "shot" sounds like "shower," so I implemented both. I'm sure you'll get it.

    I hope you all like it; it's been a great experience to make!

    Special thanks to my brother for getting me interested to actually try to make a video, and beating down my crazier ideas. Also a big thank you to everyone over in the software help forum, it's amazing what the community does for no real reward (other than new awesome videos of course).

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