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  • Member: René D´Anclaude
  • Title: Future AMV Next Generation
  • Premiered: 2002-06-30
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    • John Sykes Nothing means nothing
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  • Comments: Yesssss! The AMV everything began with is finally up and ready for download!
    Some may think it is not the best idea for a newbie to start off with a pure action-amv. But I can tell you: The cutting and editing was a lot more fun than I imagined!
    It was cool to see a scene working at last after hours of bloody editing.
    Actually...this is the revised version of the AMV. The first one was mainly the same (and only traded among some friends), but as I was a total newbie to videoediting, I chose the built-in resize funtion of Premiere in order to scroll the vid down to 352x240 and thus kept the interlacelines >.< . That´s the main point I corrected with this release...along with some improvements the lip-synching.
    BTW: The title is *not* an allusion to my megalomania, but to the subtitle of Outlaw Star ;)

    I´ve got to confess one last thing: I found it very hard to find a song that fits to Outlaw Star, for it is a show that includes many different emotions and subjects. And then, when I tumbled over John Sykes "Nothing means nothing", which is so good imho that it could be part of the OST, I couldn´t work out a good concept after all! :p
    No, really. Generally, the weak point of this amv is that it has no continous story. It´s more like 100% nonstop-action.
    But maybe that´s also it´s strongest point. Depends on your point of view and what you expect.
    Anyway! Have Phun!

    I would like to thank The IT-Class for the free hosting of my Vids, and for the excellent Service they offered me! However, they could give me the webspace only for a limited time and I don´t know how long it takes until they need the space again for their own purposes. So download fast! ;)

    The Outlaw Star AMV is the third one in the download list.

    As announced, the download is now officially broken. Thanks again to The IT-Cllass for having hosted it such a long time. However, I will be hosting my amvs on WinMx from now on. Search for the letters RDA at the beginning of the filenames, then your chances are good, that you will find one of my vids.

    P.S.: My E-Mail has changed! It is now: !

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