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  • Member: Hexus
  • Studio: Paradox Productions
  • Title: Hack Sign In 90 Seconds or Less
  • Premiered: 2005-07-19
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    • Raphsody Gargoyle Angels of Darkness
    • The Village People YMCA
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  • Comments: The conversation came up one day at a club; "Hey what's this anime about" and the reply was "Uhh its hard to explain." Well I dont think so. It is my belief that all but the deepest animes can be summed up in about a minute. So thats what this is.

    Hack In 90 Seconds or Less.

    Some inquizitive people might want to know why the running time is in fact, three minutes and eight seconds(i think) well easy; im not counting credits or intermision.

    Is is funny? ......maybe.

    Im working with a group called PSUDO that wants to do thier own parody dub some day, so i borrowed thier cast members to do this hack (pun intended)


    Hmm. Im not sure.... thats a tricky one. Can you spoil the resolution of a show that didnt have a resolution?

    Compiled on an athlon 900 with less than 6 gigs of space left
    Yes, this is part fan dub
    AMV completed in 5 days(aprox.)
    I plan to show this at the next FANIME
    I dont really much care for .HACK

    ok, im done.

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