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  • Title: Arrogant Anthology
  • Premiered: 2005-07-18
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  • Songs:
    • Arrogant Worms Carrot Juice is Murder
    • Arrogant Worms I Am Cow
    • Arrogant Worms Proud to be a Banker
    • Arrogant Worms Rippy the Gator
    • Arrogant Worms Sam, the Guy From Quincy
    • Arrogant Worms Stalker Girl
    • Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie The War Of 1812
  • Anime:
  • Comments: ===========================***NOTICE***============================
    It has come to my attention that one of the songs used in this video (The War of 1812) was, in fact, not performed by the Arrogant Worms. The name of the Group who performs this song is called "Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie". In light of this information, I have requested that this video be removed from local download. I plan to rework the video, removing the appropriate section (which will still be a part of AMV Hell 3, with corrected song information), as well as adding some new parts. I thank everyone who enjoyed the video, such as it was, and appologise for this error. Please look forward to the new version when it comes out at some indeterminate time in the future. :P

    (I've opted to leave all my previous comments on the video as is. They are as follows:)

    Several short AMVs combined to make a whole, in the style of AMV Hell. The hook here is that they’re all using songs done by the Canadian group, the Arrogant Worms. Most of them stand alone and will be enjoyable to anyone, despite having seen the anime, however some are more anime-dependant (the Bleach part for sure, and possibly those who have seen My HiME will get greater enjoyment out of that part, but it’s not necessary). Incidently, the Bleach and My HiME parts are what caused me to put this under Character Profile category as well. There are fewer parts to this than in AMV Hell, and some of them run longer than they maybe should, but my format was simply to use as much of each song that fit the anime in sequence. Not as rapid-fire as the material in AMV Hell, but that’s how it is :P

    Some backstory:
    Sometime between finishing my Yami to Boushi video and Anime North 2005, I came up with the idea of doing something to the song “Carrot Juice is Murder” by The Arrogant Worms. I figured it would be using various anime, and I knew I could only do part of the song, because it would be too hard to get appropriate scenes for the entire thing and much too repetitive to stand watching.
    When AN came around, there was an after party on the first night for AMV creators entered in the contest that year. Tim Park’s (of Doki Doki) “Rock’s And Trees” video had just premiered, and we were discussing how there should be more songs by The Arrogant Worms to be used for AMVs. So this brought me back to my Carrot juice concept. I knew the half-video wouldn’t fly on its own, so I thought maybe I could compile several short AMVs I would make, and create my own Anime Hell-like AMV.
    I made the Carrot Juice part first, to ensure its completion, however the only other concepts I could come up with following that all used Arrogant Worms songs. When more and more ideas of this nature kept coming up, I just said “Screw it, I’ll make it an all Arrogant Worms vid!” So that’s what it became. I still have other unused ideas of this nature.

    I have decided to give individual descriptions and information for each section of the video (in no particular order):

    “Ranma the Veggie Murderer”
    Song: Carrot Juice Is Murder
    Anime: Ranma
    Cast: Ranma as Veggie Murderer #1
    Akane as Veggie Murderer #2
    Nodoka as The One Who Wanted to Take Up the Fight
    I thought this would end up being a various anime video on its own, because how else will I find so much footage of vegetables right? Then I remembered the 3rd Ranma OVA centered around them, and it turned out I was able to get a lot of mileage out of it (the entire video to be precise). This was the first idea I had for the video, and the first one I ma de. It’s not the first one I used because I felt the “I Am Cow” part fit better as an opener, with its long pipe-organ intro.
    I know the name is kind of lame, but I didn’t have a lot to work with (be grateful I didn’t call it “Insensitive Martial Artist” :P)
    RAW Material Courtesy Of: My DVD collection

    “Nanami Is Cow”
    Song: I Am Cow
    Anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena
    Cast: Kiryuu Nanami as Cow
    Kiryuu Touga as The One Who Thinks Nanami Looks Good on the BBQ
    Mitsuru Tsuwabuki as The One Nanami Weighs Twice as Much as
    Tenjou Utena as Bystander
    Heard the song, immediately thought of that one Utena episode where Nanami turns into a cow. Wasn’t sure which part of the song to use at first, and I settled on the beginning, but I didn’t have anything for “look good on the BBQ”… until I took a better look at the episode and found the exact perfect scene. :P
    RAW Material Courtesy Of: Some OGMs I downloaded with hardsubs and without dual audio (what’s the point of even putting it in ogm format in that case)

    “Proud to be a Water-7 Banker”
    Song: Proud To Be A Banker
    Anime: One Piece
    Cast: Monkey D. Luffy as A Banker
    Nami and Ussop as Other Bankers
    Bank Owner, Bank Teller as Extras
    I remembered this scene in the anime, but I didn’t think I could work it properly to the actual bankers in the show. Then I thought – “Why do I have to?” Luffy could be the banker, who says he can’t? So I forcedly retired Luffy from the life of a pirate and gave him a nice desk job. :P
    As far as it being the only widescreen portion of the amv, in the words of the immortal Dr. Emmett Brown: "I figured, What the hell?"
    RAW Material Courtesy Of: Guan_Yu (supplier), Iceman_F1 (middleman)

    “Pochi the Gator”
    Song: Rippy the Gator
    Anime: He Is My Master
    Cast: Pochi as Rippy the Gator
    Izumi, Yoshida, Anna-chan, and Izumi’s Father as Rippy’s Victims
    Only problem here was getting enough really good chomps. ;P
    RAW Material Courtesy Of: Myself and Iceman_F1 (via bittorrent :P)

    “Uryuu, The Guy From Quincy”
    Song: Sam, The Guy From Quincy
    Anime: Bleach
    Cast: Ishida Uryuu as Sam
    Kurosaki Ichigo as The Guy Who May or May Not Have Bleached His Hair
    Kuchiki Rukia as Bystander
    The name didn’t really strike me very hard, although bleach did enter my head. It wasn’t until the line “find out if you bleached your hair” that I had to stop and listen to the song again more thoroughly that I knew this would be perfect. Bleach fans really need to have a look at this one, as it is really the only part of this AMV where the comedy is dependant on having watched the series. The only other one might be Stalker Girl, but even that can fly on its own.
    It’s also the only part of this video that I could probably turn into a complete AMV of its own using the full song. And if I get enough request (and someone provides me with the necessary RAW material) then maybe I’ll do just that. :P
    RAW Material Courtesy Of: Iceman_F1 (via emule :P)

    “I-Jin Burned The Whitehouse”
    Song: The War of 1812
    Anime: R.O.D. OVA
    Cast: the I-Jin as “The Ones That Did It”
    the President of the United States as Himself
    the President’s Bodyguards as Extras
    I’d just like to say right out: I didn’t make the song, nor did I torch the Whitehouse nearly 2 centuries ago. I simply put 2 and 2 together. An Arrogant Worms song about the Whitehouse burning, footage of the Whitehouse burning: I couldn’t NOT!
    This one actually will be a part of AMV Hell 3, so look forward to that when it’s available ;P
    RAW Material Courtesy Of: My DVD collection

    “My Stalker HiME”
    Song: Stalker Girl
    Anime: My HiME
    Cast: Kuga Natsuki as The Singer
    Fujino Shizuru as The Stalker Girl
    Yuuki Nao as The Cat
    Sakomizu-Sensei and Unnamed Bar-Informant as Smelly Roadies
    With 120% of the recommended daily intake of psychotic lesbians
    I thought maybe I could find a song to portray the Natsuki/Shizuru relationship in a more … accurate light than some sweet romance AMVs I have seen (well, one). Then of course I remembered Stalker Girl, which I had originally dismissed for this project as unusable. I thought Shizuru fit the role of stalker girl well, but of course I forgot all of the lyrics except for the line about the hair. So I wasn’t sure if I had anything to go on until I got home from work and was able to check it out. Turns out it would work perfectly :P
    And I realize that showing several scenes of Natsuki and Shizuru together sort of detract from Shizuru’s “stalker” status, but I think I’ve done plenty to establish that throughout. It’s mostly to showcase how much of a sociopath Shizuru really is. (She’s not just yuri, she’s a lesbian!) :P
    RAW Material Courtesy Of: bakablonde (supplier), Iceman_F1 (occasional middleman)

    Again, thanks to Iceman_F1 (dschlag007) for all sorts of miscellaneous (and often important) crap.

    And that’s about it, hope you enjoy it! ^_^

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