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  • Premiered: 2002-06-01
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    • Nightwish Tenth Man Down
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    Broadcast Premiere: Anime Fun TV - July 17, 2004 __ Episode 6; Season 3

    Best In Show (44%)

    NOMINATIONS: Viewers' Choice 2003
    Best Artistic
    Best Dramatic Video
    Video of the Year

    2nd Place Winner


    Anime Music Video Finalist

    “In response to the Middle East conflict . . . “

    By far this is my most austere video, a work of intense significance - tumultuously political and passionately opinionated. Like drugs and alcohol, war can infect even the most righteous of souls, and as seen through the eyes of Shiro Amada, chaos sides with neither friend nor foe.

    Every decision in making this video, from song to scene selection, was totally deliberate. My intention was to emulate old war footage (WWII, Vietnam, etc.), which the raw quality of my MJPEG codec aptly provides. For research, I began watching The History Channel as well as every piece of film from Apocalypse Now to Saving Private Ryan. That direction proved more of a challenge than I realized. Countless revisions were done to many parts before settling on a sequence that worked. Maintaining my vision required a militant approach in pre-production. I strictly forbid the use of any scenes or references to outer space, absolutely no amusing facial expressions (except for one evil chuckle), and very little night combat. Most were taken from the three major campaigns in the series.

    There is a seemingly random dimension to the video, amplifying the nightmare of war. What I enforce upon the viewer is combat, terror, fear, blood, contempt, and death – juxtaposed with a message, a warning, and a lesson to learn.

    NIGHTWISH may not appeal to everyone. However, ‘Tenth Man Down’ eloquently demonstrates their haunting operatic/orchestral prowess in all its Gothic glory. This overpowering composition sounds simple, but the complex musicianship between the band and Tarja Turunen’s siren vocals bombard your senses with chilling beauty. Maximize your volume control and really Experience this song.

    Today I killed, he was just a boy
    Eight before him, I knew them all
    In the fields a dying oath:
    I´d kill them all to save my own

    Cut me free, Bleed with me, Oh no
    One by one, We will fall, down down
    Pull the plug, End the pain, Run´n fight for life
    Hold on tight, this ain´t my fight

    Deliver me from this war
    It´s not for me it´s because of you
    Devil´s instant my eternity
    Obey to kill to save yourself

    Cut me free, Bleed with me, Oh no
    One by one, We will fall, down down
    Pull the plug, End the pain, Run´n fight for life
    Hold on tight, this ain´t my fight

    " I envy the 9 lives that gave me hell
    My path made up by their torn bodies
    Man to man, soldier to soldier, dust to dust
    Call me a coward but I can´t take it anymore "

    They wait for me back home
    The live with eyes turned away
    They were the first ones to see
    They are the last ones to bleed

    " The ultimate high as all beautiful dies
    A ruler´s tool, priest´s excuse, tyrant´s delight...
    I alone, the great white hunter
    I´ll march till the dawn brings me rest
    10th patriot at the gallow´s pole! "

    Cut me free, Bleed with me, Oh no
    One by one, We will fall, down down
    Pull the plug, End the pain, Run´n fight for life
    Hold on tight, this ain´t my fight

    For my first attempt working with virtual clips, text, still images, and a central theme, this is the first video I am truly proud of. Technically, all the tricks I learned from my last five videos culminate into one. You will see a little bit of something from each of those projects. Never before has my editing been so disciplined. Virtually every cut (scene change) is not the original sequence. Every scene has been re-sequenced to look like a continuous shot. Some are cut from the same scene but from different time segments, where as others are taken from completely different episodes.

    Visual-to-Music timing fluctuates between synchronous and asynchronous in order to keep it fluid and as interesting as possible.

    And I never consciously do this, but there are several points of lip-synching which seamlessly fit the lyrics. I simply call those, as my favorite painter (Bob Ross) would say, “Happy Accidents.”

    The opening and ending quote is taken from, “MOMENTS IN TIME: 50 Years of Associated Press News Photos”, under the section, “Faces Of War In Vietnam.” The editor never identifies the speaker, but it permeates the essence of what I wanted this video to be ~ the face of war as seen through the eyes of a soldier.

    [Trivia]: DVD Volume 1 of The 08th MS Team was my grab-bag prize at Project A-Kon last year for the “Princess of the Wind” video winning Judges’ Choice Award.

    Finally, my choice for a title was never in doubt nor was it as frivolously random as my previous works:

    SHELLSHOCK – [shel’shok] n – any of numerous hysterical psychoneurotic conditions appearing in soldiers under fire.


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