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  • Studio: Aquiline Studios
  • Title: Eikoden Trailer
  • Premiered: 2005-09-23
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    • D.J. Amuro A
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  • Comments: Yes, yes, I know it should probably be spelled "Eikou Den", but Pioneer/Geneon's official spelling for the R1 version is "Eikoden". I don't like it either.


    With the summoning of the two remaining gods and the return of the two priestesses to their own world, the story of The Universe of the Four Gods was supposed to have ended.

    Three years and a few months later, Miaka and Taka are happily married and expecting a child.

    How were they supposed to know that a girl named Mayo Sakaki, a member of the school basketball team, had been harboring an unrequited love for Taka, who was one of her coaches?

    And how were they supposed to know that The Universe of the Four Gods had survived misplacement, neglect, and the abuse of the elements for all this time, before it finally made its way into Mayo's hands one day?

    As Mayo in her jealousy decides to re-open the mystical book, become the new Priestess of Suzaku, and rewrite the story, Taka's and Miaka's lives become once again entwined with the fate of the world of the book... and the Mysterious Play must go on.

    Fushigi Yuugi: Eikoden, coming to DVD November 2002. (So I'm three years late. Shut up.)


    Additional notes available here.

    Best Trailer in the Anime Weekend Atlanta 11 Professional Contest
    Finalist for Best Trailer in the Viewers Choice Awards 2006

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