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  • Member: Ken Hidaka
  • Title: How it Ends
  • Premiered: 2005-07-15
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    • Breaking Benjamin So Cold
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  • Comments: This is my seventh AMV. Unfortunately this was a bit rushed because I wanted to finish it before I went off to my three week fencing camp so some of the timing's off and it's not very well thought out. I plan to do a remake as soon as I can and hopefully that will turn out better (it would kinda suck if the remake was worse than the original...) with more time to think about it and plan it out. I have trouble even thinking about doing X videos because many of the really good scenes are incredibly overused and I don't like using scenes like that although I don't think I can really avoid it.

    As usual I come to beg for reviews. Does anybody have any tips and such. I plan to redo it but if there's anything you guys think I should do to improve it that would be great. I'll pay extra attention to anything you guys mention I should check and/or change when I redo/fix it.

    EDIT: I am currently redoing this vid and hope to have it finished soon. I'm trying to finish it before Wednesday (otherwise it'll have to wait till after vacation...) and hopefully I will be putting it up soon. There won't be too many major scene changes, I'm mainly fixing the timing in some parts.

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