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  • Member: Astromutant
  • Studio: Astromutation Productions
  • Title: Monomachia (Duel)
  • Premiered: 2005-07-16
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    • E Nomine Das Omen
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  • Comments: Ok so this is my third real AMV. When i started this i realized it had to be one of the most unoriginal ideas i had ever come up, but about a third of the way through editing it i realized that i might as well just stick with it because thats what's important. My motivation for this was to really try out an action amv that also incorporates some aspects of drama into it as well, as to not be some kind of a mindless acton video (but those are pretty cool too). I planned the whole thing out on paper using one of E Nomine's song's Das Omen (oh and thanks to Pwolf for making that one AMV that one time that used Mitternacht and basically made me go import was expensive as cd's go..), went out and got all the RAW's (thank you numerous IRC peoples...) and started editing because i'm sure the DVD's weren't going to be out for a while (they might be out now but it doesnt really matter anymore, i don't think i'm going tor remaster this thing unless i get desperate for a con).

    This video is about Sasuke and Naruto (overused i know...) and the recent fight they had (...) but in some parts i do touch on the dramatic aspect of it- mainly the transition from friendship to merciless rivalry. I couldnt fully explore this as much as i could have but its probably for the better, as i was teaching myself to editing action, which is primarily the focus of the video.

    I've been working on it since i finish my last amv, so just about 4 month's of editing for a couple hours everyday. This however is still my first action/drama amv, so as many DETAILED op's as possible are certainly appreciated. Hope you enjoy.

    Oh and you might be wondering about the name of the AMV- and the bumpers at the beginning and the end that are in Greek. You can probably figure out the ending bumper

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