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  • Member: Anime_AJ
  • Title: For Heartbroken Eyes Only
  • Premiered: 2005-07-14
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    • Def Leppard Have you ever needed someone so bad
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  • Comments: Video Girl Ai came to mind while I was sitting in my room, browsing through my anime collection, when I remembered watching an amv using the same anime. I had been spending that day trying to think of a new idea for an amv project. Immediately I got up and went to my computer and began browsing song titles for something to base a Video Girl Ai amv on. Now this particular anime is a sci-fi/romantic comedy, so I decided to set the tone of the video around the romance of the show and began listening to my Def Leppard "Vault" album. After making my selection I began working on the vid.
    This amv is centered around Yota Moteuchi, the main character of Video Girl Ai, who's feelings of love for a close (female) friend, Moemi, get crushed and finds comfort in the care of a video girl, Ai Amano, that pops out of his tv from a magic VHS tape. I focus on how he needed Moemi but then falls in love with Ai and "needs" her more than anything.

    If you haven't seen this anime, based on the popular manga, I highly recommend that you find yourself a copy on dvd. If you have then I'm sure you'll understand this vid very well. Oh, btw, the manga version keeps going after the sixth episode of the anime.

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