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  • Member: Gwench
  • Studio: *
  • Title: Bleach (...) Summary
  • Premiered: 2005-07-13
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    • Don Caballero No More Peace and Quiet for the Warlike
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  • Comments: I made a summary of the first 16~17 episodes of Bleach, while trying not to reveal all the history. With this video, I hope that those which do not know this series will interest in it.

    Sometimes, the footage is not really good, I know and I apologize for this. I try to encode the video as good as possible. But maybe it's not THE top quality hoped. I did my best. ;-)

    It is not a very technical clip, I tried to stick to the rate/rhythm music with dark and white flashes, and synchronizations. Do that on Don Caballero's music, it is not a simple thing.

    If I used a music of this band, it is to answer a challenge which a friend had posed to me.
    I do not know the exact title of the "song" but as soon as I would know it, I will rectify the infos clip.

    So, I let you watch the video, I hope you'll like it and don't think it's a crappy video :-P I did a big work on it, during 4 months... (and I'm not a "pro" like Tyler or Hito or Atvaark :-D)

    Enjoy ! :-)

    *edit* The title of the song is "First Hits" by Don Caballero.
    (Why I can't update the music profile ?!)

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