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  • Members: M.H.A.Q.S., Baatish
  • Studio: M.H.A.Q.S. Creates
  • Title: Riddle in the Dark
  • Premiered: 2005-07-14
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  • Song:
    • KidneyThieves Before I'm Dead
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  • Comments: Title : Riddle in the Dark
    Song : Before I'm Dead from The Queen of the Damned
    Singer : Kidney Thieves
    Game : Fatal Frame / Project Zero
    Author : M.H.A.Q.S.
    Tools : Ulead Video Studio 9, Cube Media Player, TMPGenc Xpress, Macromedia Flash
    Codecs : DivX 5.1.1 @ 259 kbps, MPEG Audio Layer 2 @ 128 kbps
    Def :720x576 Screen Resolution, 48000 Hz Joint Stereo
    Concept : M.H.A.Q.S. , Baatish

    Hiya, I'm back and I just completed my second AMV. I have really worked hard on this one.
    Its about more than 10 hours of working over 4 months. The concept was there in my mind
    but I was pushing the time to get this right once. So, I ended up making this video as
    an attempt to fill in the mistakes that I made in the first video.

    This video is a part of a series composed of two AMVs. The theme is Horror and as the way
    I make videos, I have made up a story of my own with this AMV. Not too much to be said
    but I think anyone who likes fast sync and good music will love this video.

    I will release the second part soon if I get a good response on this one. Not many videos
    have been made for this game and I think not many horror AMVs are out there. So, go
    ahead and take a look and leave an opinion if you feel like it ;).

    Here are the lyrics for the video:

    BEFORE I'M DEAD by Kidney Thieves

    Moon hangs around
    a blade over my head
    reminds me
    what to do before I知 dead
    night consumes light
    and all I dread
    reminds me what to do before I知 dead

    Sun reclines, heats my mind
    reminds me what to leave behind
    light eats night and all I never said
    reminds me what to do before I知

    To see you
    to touch you

    Epochs fly, reminds me
    what I hide, reminds me
    the desert skies
    cracks the spies
    reminds me what I never tried
    the ocean wide salted red
    reminds me what to do before I知

    To see you
    to touch you
    to feel you
    to tell you

    The sun reclines.... Remind me
    the desert skies.... Remind me
    the ocean wide salted red
    reminds me what to do before I知

    Recommended Listening Environment:

    Visual Environment:
    Player: Intervideo WinDVD 6/7 (Due to the many things present in the this player, its a must e.g. Progressive Scanning, Audio Enhancements etc.)
    Codec: ffdshow (I've seen that when a corrupt Xvid or ffdshow plugin is present on your system, it lags the audio and the video moves forward)

    Audio Environment:
    Speaker System: Headphones (Many of the syncs and editing goes meaningless without a good listening environment.)
    Player: Winamp (yeah its an audio master's dream player)

    I made this video out of a dark mood and someone who wants to enjoy it to the maximum should be in that mood. Darkened room and if you feel like it, silence and some great audio equipment, which has a nice Woofer. Yeah a big screen always helps...

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