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  • Member: Athelstone
  • Title: Amalgamation of Spirit
  • Premiered: 2005-07-11
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    • Des'ree You Gotta Be
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    Naruto - Amalgamation of Spirit

    This is my first music video which I've been working on for the last
    four and a half months; Naruto - Amalgamation of Spirit.


    The whole process of making this video has been a huge learning
    experience. I started knowing nothing about Premiere, and little about
    Photoshop, to being presently well acquanited with both. Additionally,
    I've learnt a lot about encoding. I'd like to offer my sincere thanks
    to the helper community of for their wonderfully
    clearly written guides, as well as the members of the official Adobe
    support forums, who assisted me in solving some of the earlier
    difficulties I had with my music video. In this piece of text, I'd
    like to relate to my audience some information about my
    video, describing what I've done with this project, how, and why.

    Why should I watch your video?

    Although this is my first music video, I have been watching anime
    music videos on the internet for quite some time (four or five years).
    My most memorable music videos would be some of Castor Troy's works,
    as well as Meri's Trunks videos, at
    Without sounding too show-offy, I think I have a relatively good
    understanding of how to make a music video, but I'll let you be the
    judge of that. I should mention that I have committed a large amount
    of planning time to this music video (one and a half weeks before I
    started), as well as revamping content many times over to reach this
    final stage.

    I believe this to be an original music video. It has some good
    effects, very precise timing, lip synching, some comedy, some action,
    emotion, but most importantly, a theme, as I shall now explain.

    What's with the title, "Amalgamation of Spirit"...and why Naruto?

    I chose Naruto as the anime for my music video for a number of reasons.
    Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, it is one of my favourite anime
    shows. Although the show is named after the single main character in
    the story, this particular anime features a wide variety of many
    interesting characters. Notably, the show focusses on their
    development, as well as the main character's development, throughout
    the series. Hence, although Naruto is an action anime, I feel the
    creators of the show have succeeded in personifying certain themes by
    focussing on specific figureheads, which for me, make the anime all
    the more enjoyable and intriguing.

    Once you understand that, perhaps the name of my music video will make
    a little more sense to you. My "Collins Gem" pocket dictionary defines
    "Amalgamate" as, "To combine, or unite". And that is principally
    what my music video is all about. Although Naruto features a
    diversity of characters, they all have something in common: they each
    have their own dream or ambition which they continually attempt to
    reach through adventure, battle, strife, journey and hard work.
    This is what the word "spirit" relates to in my title. The characters
    in Naruto are united by spirit whilst they journey onwards, fighting
    both evil (and themselves) to achieve their ambitions. Naruto to
    become Hokage, Neji to defeat fate, Jiraya to watch over Naruto, Gai
    to watch over Rock Lee, Rock Lee to become a superb Taijustsu
    specialist, Shikamaru to protect his friends, Gaara to discover love,
    etc. All of their dreams are united by this common resolution, or
    spirit, and this is what I have attempted to convey in my music video.
    The Hokages (and Jiraya) in my music video represent "the masters"
    that everyone is striving towards.

    Why the song, "You Gotta Be?"

    I obtained this song back in Febuary 2005 - As soon as I started
    listening to it, lots of images of the Naruto anime came flooding to
    mind. These were specific thought images relating to each particular
    line in the song (which I'm sure many other music video developers
    have felt before they decided to make their music video). I thought
    to myself, "Oh, I've just GOT to make a music video of this!"
    Eventually, I had drawn up a large plan, which took about a week and
    a half, noting each sentence of the song to a particular scene in my
    music video. I had methodically and meticulousy gone through the
    Naruto anime, noting down the time of each sequence I'd like to have
    with each sentence spoken in the song. I then did a search on, to check if anyone else had used this particular
    song in a music video. After finding only three results (two for
    sailor moon and one for Final Fantasy), I realized this is not an
    overused song on, and that I could have an
    original video on my hands.

    How did you make your video?

    I used Adobe Premiere Pro for timing and effects, VirtualDub Mod for
    extracting lossless Huffyuv clips and encoding and Adobe Photoshop
    for cutting out frames and applying a Gaussian blur to the edges. I
    used the NaruTxtGen font maker
    for my introduction logo, as well as obtaining a scan of
    the official Naruto logo from a manga cover.

    To make the "Amalgamation of Spirit" writing in my video glow, I
    created two photoshop files and used the blending options to apply
    two glow effects to both images, one lesser and one greater. I then
    overlayed both images on top of one another in Premiere, and adjusted
    the opacity of the higher glowed image accordingly.

    For overlayed images, I used track mattes in Premiere and applied a
    gaussian blur to the edges to make them blend in with their background.

    For Lip Synching, I captured still frames of characters opening and
    closing their mouths. I discovered that almost all of the time,
    characters had three frames for opening and closing mouths: one frame
    for a closed mouth, one frame for a mouth being opening at its highest
    point, and one frame for a mouth being opened half-way. For simplicity,
    I labelled these in Premiere as "CL" (Closed) "ER" (Wider) and "EST"
    (Widest). I then simply put these three frames together when
    appropriate, moving the time sequence bar up and down in Premiere to
    keep testing it, making sure I got it just right. The hardest bits to
    lip sync were parts where I had to sync the character's body, as well
    as the lips themselves.

    For example, at 00:50 in my music video, I had to make sure that my
    "ER" and "EST" clips always came after the last "CL" clips, so it
    looked as if Choji's hair was blowing relatively smoothly in the wind.
    Another tricky part for me was at 01:20, Jiraya's "Yea-eh-Eee" Lip
    sync. I had to sync his lips opening at the first point, and then
    reverse the clip accordingly, so his body would moving back into
    position for the second lip sync. I zoomed in and out of his mouth
    to emphasize this effect. I used the "CL" clip, for the last lip sync,
    so it looks like his teeth are clenched when he utters

    In the credits, for the looping sky effect, I took the scene from
    episode 063 of Naruto, 12:47. This is after Neji has been
    defeated by Naruto in the Chuunin exam. I repeated
    and increased the speed of the moving sky, additionally
    adjusting the opacity of the sky effect to make it move
    smoothly and seamlessly.


    Thanks for watching my video, hope you enjoyed it. I'm very interested to read feedback comments, as this is my first music video. Thanks!

    - Athelstone

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