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  • Member: Makaze3
  • Studio: Vidanic Productions
  • Title: Someday I'll Find Prince Charming
  • Premiered: 2005-07-11
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    • Rhapsody Someday
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  • Comments: Hmm...well, I'm not exactly sure how I got this idea. XD Just another random production of Vidanic. This is my second lip syncing video, and I think it's better than my last one. (Stop Talking Gibberish)
    Well the song I used is "Someday" from the game: Rhapsody, a Musical Adventure. I never actually finished that I was listening to the song and all of a sudden I started seeing Furuba characters singing it in my mind...haha! So I guess that's how I got this idea. I kept listening to the song over and over and the images in my mind kept getting funnier and funnier so I just HAD to make an AMV about it!
    The video is about Tohru trying to find her Prince (Yuki) and Kyou encouraging her. haha! Like that would ever really happen in FB...
    But that's why it's funny!
    I apologize in advance to all Kyou Sohma fans. (I am a major Kyou fan myself!) But this video sort of makes fun of him. ^^; But it's ok. Kyou forgives me. (I think...)
    I know the picture quality isn't perfect, so don't nag on me please. ; ; But it's not THAT bad. A few clips also have subtitles. I'm sorry. ; ; It was unavoidable. Only like 3 clips I think have subtitles, so it's ok.
    Well even if you have never watched/read Fruits Basket, you will probably find this video funny anyway. I hope you like it! Please leave me an opinion! ^_^

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