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  • Member: jade_eyed_angel
  • Studio: ScoobsNet Studios
  • Title: Accolade to Devotion
  • Premiered: 2005-07-07
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  • Songs:
    • Avril Lavigne My Happy Ending
    • Creed One Last Breath
    • Evanescence Taking over me
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  • Comments: Can't watch this on the .org anymore... but you can still watch this on!

    Click here.... =P

    Download here, and if it doesn't work tell me and I'll upload it again =]


    Wow I got a vid done in less than a month after my previous vid... holy shit, what a mircale for me lol. But I got this idea while I was in the car on the way to Florida and I've been dying to do it since. =D
    This is not a Fullmetal Alchemist vid.. wow.. it is one of the sadly few Peach Gril vids, I hope that changes soon 'cause Peach Girl kicks ass. I've only seen one PG vid on here and it spoiled the series for me up to episode 13 or something, but now I have seen up to epuside 13 so I stopped caring lol. But until I see the whole series, I dunno if I'll be watching any more vids.

    Anyways this is a different kinda vid from what I usually do. The three songs represent three different parts of the series and of the story I've tried to portray in this vid.
    Part one (Taking Over Me) shows Momo and Touji falling in love.
    Part two (My Happy Ending) shows how Touji and Momo end up breaking up (with some help from bitch Sae... wow that girl is so evil, she makes Naraku and his schemes to break Kikyou and Yasha apart look completely pathetic lol).
    And finally part three (One Last Breath) shows them getting back together.
    This is basically the story in the first nine episodes of the series, redone my own way. =D I only saw 6 episodes when I got this idea, and only the first nine episodes work for this idea. There are clips here up to episode 13, though, as this is the last episode I've seen so far (though 14 is waiting to be watched lol).

    Actually I prefer Momo to be with Kairi instead of Touji and that's what I've been wanting since episode 3 or 4, not sure which, so no clue whatsoever why I'm making a Momo/Touji tribute, except I guess the clips call for it.. *shrugs* Lol anyways I hope you people like it, and I hope it doesn't seem too rushed, or antyhing. And I know I didn't really do a good job of combining the three songs, but this is the best I could do without any sound editing software, and I think it's pretty decent, though it'll probably susprised you if you aren't expecting it lol. Actually, I think any of these songs might have made a pretty decent PG vid by themselves, but as none of these songs are original on their own, at least they're somewhat original combined, I think. Besides, on their own, none of them could show this idea.. =P

    Please leave an opinion!!!!!! I will totally love you!!!! =DDDDDDDDD

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