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  • Member: Miracle_Falcon
  • Title: Shinn Against The World
  • Premiered: 2005-07-05
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    • Simple Plan Me Against the World
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  • Comments: Ok, this would be my fifth AMV. However, it is the first I have posted. Why? Because the first three had subtitles, and I'm going to post my fourth soon enough. Anyways, on to this AMV. I made it on impulse one day, after the 37th episode of SEED Destiny came out. Originally, I planned to make it to the song "From The Inside" by Linkin Park, but decided there were enough Linkin Park AMVs on this site already. I listened to this in the car, and decided it fit Shinn in a way, despite the fact that he is, in fact, being manipulated while the song is saying just the opposite. I had fun with this one, especially the part inthe AMV in which Shinn screams. He didn't scream long enough, so I had to put the same clips of him screaming over about three times for it to fit. In the original version of this AMV, it didn't show when Shinn's Destiny stabbed Athrun's GOUF, but I decided that clip needed to fit in there somewhere.

    This AMV was only done in 2 days, so it won't stack up against the higher, digitally enhanced AMVs out there, but I am proud of it and hope everyone likes it. Like I said, it's the first I've posted, so opinions will be especially helpful.

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