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  • Member: vegetta_killa
  • Studio: Killa_DbZ
  • Title: Cooler's second chance
  • Premiered: 2005-07-09
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    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Fahrenheit
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  • Comments: Read Comments please.

    I worked really hard to make this Amv.
    I made it only in 4 days, but I used the whole days, I think I worked about 23-25 hours on this video.

    This is a fully based action Amv.
    I know what you're thinkin, " There are already to much Action based Amv's of dbz on the web!"
    I know that, I also thinked so.
    But everything changed when I saw " Goodbye Naruto "
    I saw that if you make a Amv so fully action loaded, that it could be different.
    More fun, beter, then all those Linkin park - Dbz Amv's

    I only had to choose the bad guy, Brolly, Cooler or Janeba.
    Brolly is waaaaay over used, so I didn't pick him.
    The fight with Janeba isn't that great,
    So i chose Cooler, Great action. And my favorite Bad guy.

    Also There is some Bad footag between 0:09-0:14, But I did that because it's a flashback.
    So it looked more 'old'.

    I hope you'll like it!

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