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  • Member: 14Rivers
  • Studio: 14 Rivers
  • Title: Fear the Bent Bat
  • Premiered: 2005-07-06
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    • Adam Freeland Fear
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  • Comments: I'll open this up with a little personal feelings about Digital effects.

    Too many people are digging special effects videos that showcase more about how many crazy graphics a creator can blend together into a psychodellic collage. I've never, ever, ever watched AMVs to see how cool 20 different shots can be blended, pasted, re-colored, warped and spit onto the screen all at once. I've only ever watched AMVs to see Anime edited to rock music. Honestly, Digital effects could have never been widely used by creators, and I still think gifted gals and fellas, like for instance Brad Demoss, JobsTurkey, Dragon Master Cale could have still come out with pleanty of old-school, one-editing-bar goodness.

    I made this video with the express intention of focusing on the series Paranoia agent, and just tweaking out little moments using the effects. I know there are whole videos out there that are nothing but a showcase of how many crazy effects can be clusterbombered onto the screen. Those videos remind me of the graphics explosions on the fox news network.

    With this video I tried to pick up with the same technique I used for my last Lain vid. Three video editing storyboards, lots of darkness cuts and no more than two effects on a shot at a time.

    I excersise a certain restraint when I have to use so many effects, because I'm trying to shocase how cool the movie is, not how long I spent editing in the basement.

    Well, that's my opinion on digital editing and I really felt I had to say it to present this vid.

    Rez is an AWSOME game. I played this game into extinction. Agian and again untill it killed my PS2. One of the main attractions is the hard-pounding new-school breakbeat track "Fear" I've dowloaded and bought the soundtrack and Fear is by far my favorite listing. With a take-no-prisoners bassline and grim shouts of the popular 'Dune' line "Fear is the mind killer" This song attacked your auditory sences either on the playstation, the dreamcast or on my headphones. Always wanted to do a video to it, but it's so raw and tough I felt I could only do it using various sources because no one show (With the possible exceptions of Lain or Evangelion) could match up to it.

    Then I saw Paranoia Agent.

    Satoshi Kon's Psychological Nightmare Fantasy was like the bleak insane cinderella for the shatter-glass slipper that was "Fear."

    I experemented with more tricks in Premiere than I knew existed for making this little number. But I stick to my favorite tricks, Speed adjust and screen blacking.

    I want you to download it, even though it's big. I worked hard on it, so take and enjoy.

    Fixed the typo, and re-rendered. Tried to cut down on graininess. I'm gona edit form my laptop from now on if I can help it.

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