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  • Members: suberunker, EricaOhayou
  • Studio: Suberunker Studeosh
  • Title: The Wizard of Ozaka
  • Premiered: 2005-07-01
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    • John Powell and Harry Gregson-Williams Main Title (Chicken Run Soundtrack)
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  • Comments: All right, time for a big project. While yes, I know this video doesn't go through the usual convention of an AMV, I really wanted to just make another instrumental AMV that had comedic highlights in the music to match the concept. Now, it seems weird, but upon rehearing this track from my Chicken Run soundtrack, I instantly thought it'd make great adventure/journey music. I also have to admit, the idea to use Alphonse Elric as the Tinman was what got this project started. Add in the twist to the pronunciation of Osaka to Ozaka and you get this video.

    Originally, there was no RPG parody at all. The vid was gonna be simply a Wizard of Oz parody. Eventually, I realized that there needed to be more comedic elements and that the whole thing is just asking to be turned into a giant parody of RPGs. That's when a lot of shifting occured and the text box jokes were written. So, in the end, it was a very fun idea that I just had to make somehow. I hadn't done many masks before, so I also enlisted the help of EricaOhayou at Nanaca+Crash Productions to help make masks.

    I enjoyed creating and developing this video quite a lot and I think a lot of fun went into it. I hope you also have fun watching it and sharing it with friends. :)

    Now onto the joke/stuff index:
    1) B&W = beginning of Wizard of Oz
    2) Yukari on the bike, just like the Wicked Witch on the bike early on in the movie
    3) I tried to establish that the color is starting to build up from the B&W shot by building up a red/pink tint.
    4) In the title shot, you'll notice that Toto, or the grey cat, has run away. This is different from the movie, I know.
    5) Oz has Munchkins. Ozaka has Munchiyos.
    6) For a lot of the shots between the head Munchiyo and Osaka, I still masked the characters so I could keep them in a city BG. A lot of this masking will probably go unnoticed, but nearly every shot with both of these characters is masked onto a different BG.
    7) Pro Tip: Use Mario to save the Princess. This was just my own spin on the so-called "Pro Tip".
    8) I wanted to have enough of a hint as to who the Wizard would be, but not give it away entirely, hence the shadow cutout.
    9) Ruby slippers were a a turn of luck. Thankfully, Azumanga Daioh has a section where Osaka puts on shoes and there's a shot of walking shoes. I went in and painted each frame to make the shoes red.
    10) Had to establish that Osaka follows the Yellow Brick Road. I had tried painting the road yellow, but it ended up looking very tacky. Instead, I went with a text box that also included a few jokes. Those with careful eyes will also notice the street from Evangelion in the mix of places she visits.
    11) Using Luffy as the Scarecrow was somewhat identifiable. Originally, I had wanted to use Miaka, but those that didn't know the character wouldn't visually identify the two. Thus, I went with a someone more easily visualized (aka, person with straw hat).
    12) Alphonse Elric as the Tinman was the original joke that started the entire project. No explanations needed for this segment.
    13) Kon as the Cowardly Lion was also based purely on how the character looked. In the end, a lot of Kon segments from Bleach ended up interacting very well with many of the shots I had from FMA. I especially love the shot of Kon watching Al get up.
    14) Sunset. This BG is actually from Evangelion. I really wanted to do a cheesy "our heroes march into the sunset" sequence. Thus, a few filters and voila.
    15) Yukari as the Wicked Witch was a fun choice and if people didn't know the character, they would now.
    16) Supi and Kero from CCS were always gonna be the Flying Monkeys. I loved how their shocked appearance matches to the music, but I also knew what joke would work perfectly with the shot. Hence the "Wedge/Biggs" joke, which, thankfully, many people got.
    17) A lot of BGs were manipulated in the fight shots to maintain that the entire group was within temple grounds/near the edge of a lake or river.
    18) During the "after battle" shot, I painted in an X for Kero's eye, adjusted Luffy's eyes to look towards the dead Kero, and also used the opportunity to equip Osaka with Toto before his appearance later. I like this shot a lot, but it goes by fast and the text box covers a lot.
    19) Hehe, "+1 Daydreaming". Before the bumpers were added, the "Time" in this shot also matched up with the exact running time in the video.
    20) Neo Ozaka-3 was created from simply green tinting and adjusting levels of the Neo Tokyo-3 shots.
    21) The Wizard's doorbell was a fun shot. If you notice, the text above the monitor has been changed to "Azu" or, what I was hoping for, "Oz".
    22) The reaction shot was a simple homage the old Gundam reaction shots where the screen is split into different shattered portions.
    23) From this point on, every character is masked to be included in an Evangelion "NERV" BG.
    24) The shot of the Eva holding Yukari is slightly adjusted. I painted some brown hair over Kaworu in this shot. It's very hardly noticeable though.
    25) The head drop shot does include Yukari's head. Take a look at the frames.
    26) Gendo as the wizard was pretty obvious given the settings.
    27) Originally I had wanted to use the "fancy curtain" video used in the AX AMV contest last year, but I had to settle for the generic Eva curtain.
    28) Toto finally shows up and does his thing, just like in the movie.
    29) "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

    That's it. I had a lot of fun mixing the characters and trying to come up with some parody jokes. Hope you have fun watching!

    Best in Show - AX 2005
    Best Comedy - AX 2005
    Fan Favorite - AX 2005
    Best Humorous/Satirical - Otakon 2005

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