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  • Member: anneke
  • Studio: Baka Deshi Productions!
  • Title: No Words
  • Premiered: 2005-06-19
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    • Chicane No Ordinary Morning
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  • Comments: This song is so powerful, I wanted to see if I could make a Shonen-ai video that was dramatic enough that guys would not cringe and run away because it's Shonen-ai and actually could appreciate the video for it's dramatic qualities. When I first showed this to a friend he thought Suichii was a girl who dressed like a tomboy. (Those who know Gravitation or Shonen-ai, know differently). So I figured I did pretty well with this concept.

    The title was hard to come up with for this video. The idea of 'No Words' comes from the line of 'If there was nothing I could say'. In otherwords they just have no words right now. So it works. The other note is that the original song is a good 40 seconds longer, but an entire minute of just openning music was to slow, so I chopped the begining of the song off. Which I don't know if people notice or not.

    The 'story' of the video is very simple....

    If there was nothing that I could say,
    turned your back and you just walked away,
    Leaves me numb inside, I think of you.
    Together is all I knew.

    We moved to fast but I had no sign
    I would try and turn the hands of time

    I look to you for a reason why
    the love we had passed me by.

    It really fits with Gravitation. They have this whirl wind romance, and because of such they didn't say things they should have said, and the relationship ended as quickly as it started because of all the secrets they were hiding. They appeared to be open and honest but things still fell apart, namily because things just went to fast and the quieter signs were missed. Sure in the anime there is a happy ending, but I left that out of the video. I could have done more to this video to try and who how they are both thinking back, but I wanted this to be simple, as the words were powerful enough to stand without cluttering up things with effects. There is one effect that people will barely notice...a slight blur at one scene...yes it's intentional. Otherwise the scene would be to static, so there is movement without movement.

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