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  • Member: Ken Hidaka
  • Title: Not Our Best
  • Premiered: 2005-07-03
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    • Crossfade Colors
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  • Comments: This is my fifth AMV and due to a reccomendation from one of my friends that I use this song I went looking for an anime and characters to fit to it. I decided that the lyrics fit both Sasuke and Naruto very well because they both had incredible power that, at times, neither could control. I tried not to be repetitive with my clips and I hope that I truly wasn't. Also this is my first ever attempt at lip synching and it seemed to go fairly well although the last bit seems a bit off I think.
    Well watch and enjoy! And if you have any comments or suggestion feel free to leave an opinion. Thanks!

    I would really like some information on how to improve this video and/or any future videos I make. Thank you!

    EDIT: Yes I know there is another Naruto video using this exact same song, however, I also feel that each of our videos are original. And while the video "Colors of Naruto" by djanime2002 is a great video that encompasses many different characters my video has changed the focus to Sasuke and Naruto only and focuses mainly on their inability to control those powers on certain occassions. So apologies to djanime2002 and anyone who is unhappy about my choice to use both the same anime and song. I tried to make mine as unique as possible.

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