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  • Member: andy3469
  • Title: Big Brother
  • Premiered: 2001-10-14
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  • Song:
    • The Clown Do You Want A Balloon?
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  • Comments: My 6th video published on 14/10/2001. Figuring out that i wouldn't get the footage for EOD in a while i decided to do another new range video. While browsing around DBZ Music Videos i was shocked to find that no one really had done the arrival of Raditz a lot, so i felt that it was a great idea to do. I really like the song that i used with this video as it goes really well with it. The thing i like best about the MV is when Gohan powers up and hits Raditz. All those sound effects of screaming and whatever they are were in the song and i really like how it turned out in the video. I really enjoyed making this video even though it did take a while to make. I recommend the download of this video as it is one of my best works and is the 2nd in my new range of videos.

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