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  • Member: yumi+chan
  • Title: Song of Redemption
  • Premiered: 2005-07-03
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    • Ayashi no Ceres OST Mugen no Kaze
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  • Comments: Well, this is my first AMV.
    It is about the people who are dying in Ayashi no Ceres.
    In the beginning the past of Ceres is showed. The first verse is about Aya and Aki visiting their grandfather, the first chorus is about Aya’s father, her mother and her grandfather. The second verse introduces Chidori. The second chorus tells the story about Yuki Urukawa. Then Kei’s death is shown and the last chorus is dedicated to Miori.
    In the end the song was too short, and because of that people are dying very quickly in the end.
    And I had to show Wei in this AMV (I really like him^^), but he appears only for a second.

    The song “Mugen no Kaze” (eternal winds) is sung by GeSANG (Sasaki Shizuka and Nojima Kenji). I just love this song, the singer sings very beautifully.
    The song appears in Ayashi no Ceres in episode 22, Shuro sings it in her concert. That's why you can see Shuro sing when all of the other people are dying.

    In the beginning when there is the scene with Aya and Aki visiting their grandfather I synched the strings, but it's difficult to notice that I think ;_;

    And about the transitions I have used in the beginning of my video, they all do have a meaning. The first one (at 0'26 min) stands for a change, that Ceres's life is great first and then it becomes horrible, and Mikagi suddenly becomes a "bad" person. The next transition (at 0'31 min) stands for the big leap in time (from Ceres's past to Aya). But the one at 1'19 min is just because I thought it would fit good to the music :P

    I hope you’ll like this AMV, I’ve had a lot of fun making it ^_^

    And please leave a review, so that I can improve myself^^

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